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They cost about $8.95 at novelty shops. Look at it with an 8X magnifier and you should be able to find the seam where one coin was hollowed out and another ground down to fit inside.

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Why is a wheat penny called a wheat penny?

Because of the "wheat ears" on the reverse of the coin; Left and right sides closest to the edge. They were issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincolns birth.

What is the value of a 1978 double headed penny where Lincoln is stamped on both sides?

This is a novelty coin not made by the US mint and has no collectible value.

Who is Monica in taking sides?

Monica is Lincolns girlfriend after he moves to sycamore.

Why do crocks have numbers on their sides?

Numbers stamped on the sides denotes the number of gallons each would hold

How do you find the value of a penny dated 1972 s stamped with Lincoln's head on both sides?

If there's no trace of the Lincoln Memorial, the answer is easy - it's worth zero, because it's a prank coin made for sale in a novelty shop. These turn up all the time. Search this site by entering the word DOUBLE in the Search facility and you'll find hundreds of similar postings. Also note that coins are said to be struck or minted rather than stamped. I don't know why, it's just what's done.

What is the value of a One Cent Plastic Penny with Copy on both sides of penny?

Nothing- return it to the store where you got it. These have been showing up in penny rolls. it is play money.

How many teeth do a stock rear sprocket have on a ttr 125?

It should be stamped on one of the sides, Or simply count it.

Is dropping water on Lincoln side of penny a valid experiment?

Not really, the better expiriment would be if you used both sides of t he penny and compare all of your trials.

Can you see a picture of a 1851 US penny?

There's a good image of both sides at the link below

What is a 1944s penny both sides heads worth?

It's a trick or magic coin and has little or no value.

What effects did lincolns assassination have on people in the us?

Total shock and deep lament on both sides. It had not been a Confederate plot, as some people in Washington wanted to claim.

How do you know if the size of Yamaha timberwolf motor is 250?

It's stamped into a tag on both sides of the motor. Just below cylinder head.

Is a 1935 penny with liberty head on one side and wheat back penny real?

Probably not. It sounds similar to a "magician's coin" made by cutting apart 2 genuine coins and swapping the sides.

What is a penny worth if it is stamped on both sides but only on the lower half of the blank the front has only Lincolns head visible with no date?

This odity, unfortunately, is not worth a great deal of money mostly because the date IS missing. I have a number of such coins and the most I was ever offered for one was 50 cents. They're more of an oddity than a collector's item. They're usually worth more than 50 cents. Here's a completed item from eBay that sold for $4.75 + 2.50 shipping. http://cgi.ebay.com/Lincoln-Penny-50-off-center-error-beautiful-error_W0QQitemZ8330743178QQcategoryZ524QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem There are several with higher starting prices. While it is true that these off-center error cents will often sell for more on eBay, it's also true that you can get them from dealers at the coin shows for a dollar or two.

What were the groundlings in Shakespeare?

Groundlings were the audience members who only paid a penny to stand in the open yard in front of and to the sides of the stage.

What is a 1941 wheat penny worth with the number twenty-six stamped on both sides?

1¢ It wasn't struck that way at the mint. Someone used a metal punch to add those numbers later. That makes it a damaged coin and it has lost any collector value. In any case you haven't lost much, because 1941 is a common date among penny collectors. Undamaged but circulated, the coin would have been worth a few cents to a quarter depending on how worn it is.

What would the value of a US quarter be that is stamped tails on both sides?

This is a novelty or magic coin that has been altered and was not produced by the mint And has no collection value at all.

What is the Value of misprinted on both sides of a penny with no date?

All error coins need to be seen. Take it to a coin dealer in your area.

What is the value of 1921 silver dollar that is stamped tails on front and back?

If it has the tails image on both sides, how do you know its date is 1921? In any case if both sides are the same it's a prank coin made by joining halves of 2 genuine coins and has no numismatic value. The good news is that its silver content might be worth $13-$15. BTW, coins are minted or struck rather than "stamped"

What is rarity definition and example?

A rarity is something that is rare, unusual, or uncommon. An example of a rarity is a penny that has heads on both sides or snowstorms in the south.

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