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I have one that I heard came over during WW! and may be even older than that. The new ones from China cost $299 howeve3r my antique one is in perfect shape. I have heard that unless they are from the first few years after 1832 when first made, that their value may not be that high- but it is worth restoring.

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What is the value of a Hohner piano key accordion by M Hohner Germany?

hohner atlanticiv de luxe

What is the value of a Hohner accordion made in Germany?

hohner accordion carved wooden material, the worlds best made in germany.circa 1800

Hohner student 1 accordion 40 years old?

according to a model list for Hohner found at this address and depending if it is a button or a piano accordion the student 1 model was made between (button) 1937 to 1939 and (piano) 1938 to 1940

How do i find out the value of an Antique Hohner Accordion Vienna Model 114 C?

what value would you put on a club model 1 meledon very old

Where can one purchase a Hohner accordion?

A Hohner accordion can be located throughout the internet, from several retailers and many auction websites such as eBay. They may also be found at a local music store.

What is the value of a Hohner Tango VM accordion?

It was made in Germany from 1958-1961. It is the top of the Hohner Tango Line. It is known for its rich triple musette tuning LMMM. The large bellows with 4/5 reeds makes it a wonderful instrument to own.

What is the value and age of a hohner Atlantic IV deluxe accordion?

look at E-bay side's

When was Martin Hohner born?

Martin Hohner was born in 1982, in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

What is your Antique M Hohner Echo Harmonica 1871 - 1881 worth?


What is a hohner verdi II worth?

A Hohner Verdi ll could be worth anywhere from $100 to many thousands of dollars it depends on many things such as age? how many basses it has? the shape of the accordion? how are the reeds and so on

How much is The Ironclad harmonica from M Hohner Germany worth?


What is the most expensive accordion brand?

Pigini Mythos - $40kHohner Gola, depending on customized specs, $30k+.It's not the brand that makes the accordion expensive, but the degree of quality of materials used and the master craftsmanship skills of the builders.

What kind of accordion did Minnie White play?

A Hohner Erica. My guess would be in the keys of D and G, although it could be A/D or G/C.

When were Hohner Saxophone made I have an E flat Alto Hohner silver in color that a man bought new in circa 1962?

Hohner Saxophones built by Max Keilwerth in Germany from early 1950s until late 1960s

Have an accordion made by hohner 1055 how much is it worth thanks?

It depends this is an old accordion probably over 70 years old and very rare. If it's in good shape probably between 400 and 500 euros. Excellent shape - 600, 700 euros.

Where are some accordion manufacturers?

Hundreds of companies have manufactured accordions over the years. A few better known from the past and present include: Hohner, Scandalli, Excelsior, Bugari and Acme.

How much is the Big River Harp harmonica M Hohner Germany worth?

Not even a dime

What type of instrument is a Hohner?

Hohner is a brand of musical instruments. Hohner makes everything from harmonicas to clarinets to accordians. Hohner is a very popular and reliable brand of instruments.

How tall is Martin Hohner?

Martin Hohner is 175 cm.

When did Heinz Hohner die?

Heinz Hohner died in 1967.

When was Heinz Hohner born?

Heinz Hohner was born in 1907.

How much is a 100 year old Hohner accordion worth?

Accordions that are 100 years old won't be worth a lot as they will require a lot of repairing and tuning. It will cost you a lot of money to repair it so you would be better off keeping it. If you can play this accordion, then it might worth something but if not it's not worth your while trying to sell it.

Who among US presidents loved to play the harmonica?

"Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica." - Abraham Lincoln (from a letter written by Lincoln during his presidency to the head of the Hohner Harmonica Company in Germany)

How much is a hohner orchester bravo worth?

hohner 7854/48 c 1-025.181-4811/0 worth

What is a M Hohner accordeon Gold Media St. Louis 1904 with steel bronze reeds?

It a hand held accordeon made in Germany for St Louis .