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You cant, unless you can identify the rifle correctly. Need to know ALL the markings, barrel length, caliber, etc.

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Q: How do you find the value of an old Springfield rifle?
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How old is my springfield rifle serial 53793?

You will need to include the model number to your question to find a answer.

How old is a 22 cal springfield rifle?

60 years old

How old is the springfield 1903 rifle with serial number 1136990?

Your serial number indicates that your Springfield model 1903 rifle was made in the year 1919.

How old is your springfield rifle serial 1406512?

made 1932

What is value of Springfield rifle model1903serial 452866?

your springfield model 1903 rifle is valued from 600-900 dollars at this time.this all depend,s on the amount of original finish left on the rifle,s metal and wood.The bore must also be in clean and shootable condition.The rifle you have was made by springfield in 1910,and the heat treatment to the recievers did not start until serial number 800, careful of shooting any high pressure 30-06 loads in your old springfield.

How old is springfield 1884 trapdoor serial 138585?

your springfield trapdoor rifle was made in 1880,with the serial number that you provided.

How old is Springfield 1884 trapdoor serial 384103?

rifle made in 1887

What is the value of a rifle from WW 1?

How old is it? Who Made it? What shape is it in? you need to give more information to find out the value.

Springfield bolt action rifle?

a old ww2 bolt action sniper/combat rifle Springfield made many types of bolt action rifles over a century or so

How old is springfield rifle 22 model 388?

They were manufactured between 1968 an 1972.

How old is Springfield rifle model number 840 serial number 221515?

your moms

How can you find the value of a Jim brown 22 rifle and how old it is?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What is a 50 year springfield 22 cal rifle?

what model A 50 year springfield .22 cal rifle would probably refer to a springfield that is at least 50 years old. It is impossible to say more about it without knowing a model and serial.

How old is the springfield 1903 with serial number 1313139?

Your serial number 1313139 shows that your Springfield model 1903 rifle was made in the year 1929.

J Stevens springfield model 88 rifle how old?

Only made from 1969-1972.

Does refinishing the stock of an old rifle change the value?

In general, yes. IF the rifle is a collector's item (not all old guns are) it can lower value greatly.

How old is a J Stevens Springfield Arms model 86 bolt action 22lr and what is its value?

I believe they were mfg in the 1940's. If your rifle is in good condition and the action and stock are relatively in working order, your rifle is probably worth between 75$ - 130$. It's value is predicated on it's condition.

How much is a 1884 springfield rifle worth?

Depending on the overall condition of your Springfield Trapdoor model 1873,or 1884.These old rifles will bring 750 dollars and up.

How do you find the age of a US Rifle cal 30 M1 Springfield Armory Serial Number 2549726?

Old has a sight for military weapons made in the US.Get on the sight and slide down until you see military on the left and choose what miltary rifle you are looking for.Then supply the serial number and the date of production will pop up.Your rifle was made at springfield armory in 1944.

What is value of old Remington rifle?

It all depends on the age, condition and the collect ability of the rifle.

What is the value of a Springfield US Model 1864?

Check out a copy of Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms from the local library to determine exactly which US Springfield rifle you have. Value will depend on the graded condition, completeness, and originality of the gun. If it is a Model 1868, one about 10 years old gives a value of $250 in poor condition and $800 in excellent. The Springfield Model 1864 is a.k.a. the Model 1863 type II. Value is subjective, however the excellent Italian Pedersoli replicas are $800 plus.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Sears Roebuck rifle serial 3018577?

i have an old Sears rifle with a busted stock , does this thing have any value?

How old is my 22 Springfield model 87a long rifle?

If it's marked Springfield and not Stevens, probably circa WWII or so (though they weren't used by troops in the war, that roughly coincides with when they were sold to sportsmen under the Springfield brand name).

How do you find out how old your Winchester rifle is?

To find out how old a Winchester rifle is one would need to take the rifle to an appraiser or gun shop. The gun shop will be able to look up the gun by the serial number.

What is the value of an old Springfield Model 67 20 gauge?