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the xm id can be found by tuning to xm channel 000 and the radio id can be found by turing the key to the "on" position and, with the radio off, hold down the 1 and 6 preset buttons, then push the power button. the radio id will be displayed for about 10 seconds. note that these are two separtate id numbers used for different purposes. the xm id is to activate your xm subscription and the radio id can be used to retrieve your radio code from the Honda dealer you bought the car from.

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Is it possible to find a XM Satellite radio ID from the vehicle VIN?

Apparently not. How old is this question and not a single reply.

Need xm radio id for Nissan frontier?

Should be able to turn your radio to channel 0 and it should display your id #.

Are there any tricks to accessing the XM radio code beyond manual instructions for a 2006 Honda CRV SE?

Tune the radio to channel 0. The XM code will appear there.

Can you get WiFi through xm radio?

No you can not get Wi-Fi through XM radio. XM radio is satellite radio, some form of internet connection is needed to use XM radio.

Can you get XM radio on your home radio?

You can only "get" XM radio on your "home radio" if you have a XM tuner and a paid subscription. The XM radio service is service satellite based and does not utilize the same system as FM or AM radio in your local area. You must have an XM receiver and an appropriate antenna in order to receive XM radio. There are a few "home radios" that contain an XM tuner and in those cases with a paid subscription, you could listen to XM radio in your home.

Where do you find the XM radio code on a 2004 Pontiac Montana?

If a vehicle, like the 2004 Pontiac Montana has an XM Radio built in, the code to program the radio is found on Channel Zero. Tune the radio to XM then turn the tuner to Channel Zero.

Are there boomboxes available that get XM radio?

There are XM boomboxes that are available for sale. They are specifically designed to accommodate for XM radio and the needs of the customers who are faithful to XM.

When did XM Radio Canada end?

XM Radio Canada ended in 2011.

What is XM Radio Canada's population?

XM Radio Canada's population is 75.

When was XM Radio Canada created?

XM Radio Canada was created in 2002.

When was XM Satellite Radio created?

XM Satellite Radio was created in 1992.

When was Sirius XM Radio created?

Sirius XM Radio was created in 2008.

Where is the best place to purchase an XM Radio?

One of the best places to purchase an XM Radio would be Best Buy. Along with the XM Radio itself, one can also find various accessories that may or may not be needed to help it function.

What are the advantages of XM clock radios?

The advantages of an XM clock radio is the sheer number of radio stations available to the user. You are guaranteed to find a station to fit your liking.

What was xm satellite radio and siris satellite radio merged into in 2008?

Sirius XM

Who had more subscribers XM radio or Sirius?


Where do you find the XM tuner on the 2007 Chevy Trailblazer?

If the radio in your Tailblazer is set up for XM radio.All you do is tab thru the BAND button until you get the XM it will also have XM 2.Great fetaure

When was Live on XM Satellite Radio created?

Live on XM Satellite Radio was created in 2005.

When was Talk Radio - XM - created?

Talk Radio - XM - was created in 2001.

Do you have to buy the XM radio from Honda for your xm ready installled radio can an mp3 player be attached to the Honda radio?

If it is xm ready radio, then all you have to do is pay the monthly fee. You already have an xm radio and need nothing. Read you owner's manual. If you buy the xm radio from the dealer it will cost about $750.00 It is prewired for the 12 volt system of the Honda. The roady 2 radio you buy at wall-mart or elsewhere is set up with a 6 volt system. I bought my roady 2 at fry,s and fry,s instlled it for around $80.00. did a very nice job on installing it. The antenna was installed outside like roady suggested and hard wired the radio to the frount lighter using the 6 volt adaptor that the roady came with and wired it to the 12 volt system. Roady 2 has a sell right now, that if you buy one Roady 2 one can send off for a second one free.

If you are running an internet radio station how can you turn it into an XM station?

You need to contact XM Radio and ask them.

What is the ticker symbol for XM Satellite Radio?

The ticker symbol for XM Satellite Radio is XMSR and it is traded on the Nasdaq.

When was Sirius XM Book Radio created?

Sirius XM Book Radio was created on 2002-08-26.

When was Sirius XM NASCAR Radio created?

Sirius XM NASCAR Radio was created on 2007-01-01.

When was Sirius XM Public Radio created?

Sirius XM Public Radio was created on 2004-09-01.

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