How do you find these Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

I need these Pokemon in my pokedex and i don't want to have to evovle/catch them:

You can't catch a Clefable, but you can catch a Clefairy at Mt. Moon (very rare, so be patient) then, use a Moon stone it it, then it will evolve into Clefable,

For Venusuar, you either choose Bulbasuar as your starter Pokemon, then lert it evolve to Ivysuar, then to Venusuar, or, just trade from another game.

You can't catch a Ninetales, you could have a Vulpix to evolve into it, but unfortunatly, Vulpix is unavailble in Fire-red, you could catch it in Leafgreen though.

I don't think you catch a Parasect either, but you could just catch a Paras at Mt. Moon, then evolve it into a Parasect.

You could catch Persian at: Bond Bridge, Canyon entrance, Cape Brink, Five Isle Meadow, Kindle Road, Ruin valley, Seavault Canyon, Treasure Beach, or Water Path, it is Rare, so be patient.

The Pokemon that is #54 is Psyduck, it is very common, so you could find it almost anywhere, though, you could just go to a city where there is water, use a rod, or surf.

#55 is Golduck, Just level up Psyduck to level 33, & it will evolve inot a Golduck.

The only way you could get Arcanine is to evolve Growlithe, using a Fire stone, Growlithe could be found in Routes : 7, & 8, & the Pokemon Mansion.

You get Machamp by trading Machoke with someone, once the player gets it, it will imediatly evolve inot Machamp.

For tentacruel, it's at One Island, Five Island, Bond Bridge, Five Isle Meadow, Greenpath, Icefall cave (1st floor) Kindle road, Memorial Pillar, Outcast Island, Resort Gorgeous, Tanoby Ruins, Trainer tower, & treasure Beach, it is a rare Pokemon.

For Golem, you need a Graveler, trade it, then it will evolve.

#77 is a Ponyta, is at Kindle Road, & Mt. Ember

#78, is Rapidash, it's at Kindle Road & Mt. Ember, but's very rare. You could just Level up Ponyta up to lvl40, & it will evolve into Rapidash.

#86 is a Seel, you find them at Icefall cave & Seafoam Islands.

#87 is a Dewgong, you can find them at Icefall cave & Seafoam Islands, it is Rare.

You get a Cloyster by evolving Shellder, (give it a Water stone)

#98 is a Krabby, you find them at :Routes 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 24, &25.

#99 is a Kingler, you only get them by leveling up Krabby up to Lvl 28, making it evolve.

The ones that are numbers are the Pokemon I don't even know what they are. Please help mee! D: