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What is made of aluminum glass or ceramic and is coated with an alloy that allows items to be recorded?


what is hard disk platter?

Computer hard disk drives may be made of a stack of one or more disks (made out of metal or ceramic) covered in a magnetic "paint". Each of these disks is called a "platter".

What is platter service?

platter service

When a readwrite head touches a platter is it considered to be a platter crash?

when a read/write head touches a platter it is considered to be a platter crash

What is the word 'platter' when translated from English to Spanish?

"Fuente" is Spanish for platter.

What are the platter service advantages?

english platter

What is the plural of platter?

The plural form of platter is platters

How do you say platter in Spanish?

"la fuente" is the serving platter

When did Thomas Platter die?

Thomas Platter died in 1582.

When was Bruno Platter born?

Bruno Platter was born in 1944.

How many pages does On a Silver Platter have?

On a Silver Platter has 10 pages.

What is a platter?

A platter is the portion of a hard disk drive that information is written to.

When was Thomas Platter born?

Thomas Platter was born on February 10, 1499.

When was Nicolas Platter born?

Nicolas Platter was born on 1981-11-22.

When did Thomas Platter the Younger die?

Thomas Platter the Younger died in 1628.

How do you use platter in a sentence?

The cheese platter was a little under ripe for my taste.

When was Platter - album - created?

Platter - album - was created in 2002.

When was Gรผnther Platter born?

Günther Platter was born on 1954-06-07.

What is a platter pus?

a platter puss is a mammal and they have gressie fur and that means they will dry quicker

What has the author Felix Platter written?

Felix Platter has written: 'Beloved son Felix'

What is Thomas Platter the Younger's birthday?

Thomas Platter the Younger was born on July 24, 1574.

When was Thomas Platter the Younger born?

Thomas Platter the Younger was born on July 24, 1574.

what is Wm Rogers 272 platter worth?

what is Wm Rogers 272 platter worth is $ 450

How many cylinders are there for each platter in a Hard drive?

No. of Cylinders = No. of Tracks on each platter multiply by 2 for both sides since each platter stores information on both sides.

Can you sell your silver platter to a silver buyer?

You are talking about a platter made from actual sterling silver, right, not just a silver colored platter. Yes, a silver dealer will be happy to buy it from you.