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How do you find what is draining the battery on a 1996 Old Ciera wagon when after inserting a test light fails to isolate the problem?


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2015-07-15 19:57:06
2015-07-15 19:57:06

Check for little things. In mine the little light in the glove box would stay on because the button was not being pushed in all the way. So I put a thick piece of tape to make the light go off. Another thing to check is the Battery. Some of them you have to add clean water from time to time for them to work. If all that and still nothing works then you have to check and see if maybe something is grounding out. I tore my whole car apart because only my head lights worked but after checking all the wiring, it was just the switch that was bad.


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Mine had an alternator problem not putting out 14 v

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Had the same problem. Bought a re-conditioned alternator, turned out it was bad. Usually if battery draining, it's alternator or battery or both.

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depending on the year I have had issues with a 1990 and a 1992 grand caravan problem was the light in the glove box the contact would turn the light on periodically draining battery

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Most likely there is something that is draining it. In case it might be the battery itself, disconnect the battery terminals at night. When you reconnect in the morning and the battery is OK, then the problem is in the electrical system somewhere. If the battery is dead then the battery needs to be replaced. Finding the fault in the electrical system can be difficult. Check to make sure all lights go out when the car is turned off. Pulling fuses to see if any stops the drain could help isolate the problem too. Good luck

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