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it is the small light fuse in fuse box that is under the hood

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Q: How do you find which fuse goes to the dash lights in a 1992 Acura Vigor?
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How can you fix the tail light on a 1992 Acura Vigor if they dont work?

It could be the fuse that also controls your dash lights. It is a 15 amp fuse in the box under the hood labeled "small lights".

Acura dash lights?

I have a dash warning light that looks like the letter "i" on my 2008 Acura mdx

How do you replace the dash lights on a 2001 Acura TL?

you fix them

How do you find out which fuse goes to the dash lights in a 92 Accura Vigor?

try the fuses under the hood of the car

Why don't my tail lights and dash board lights go on in my 1992 Bonneville se?

You may have a burnt out bulb that is causing your tail lights and dash board lights to not come on in your 1992 Bonneville. It can also be a blown fuse that is causing your problem.

Where is the fuse for dash lights for 2000 Acura RL?

The 2000 Acura dash light fuse can be found in the fuse box. The fuse box is in the engine compartment. The location of the fuse is listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Dash lights aren't working in Corolla 1992?

could be a fuse blown out

Do the dash lights flash when the alarm is triggered on a 1992 Toyota Camry?


Where is a fuse box diagram for a 1992 Acura Integra?

what slot do the left power set belt fuse go in the fuse box for 1992 acura integra Under the driver side dash

Why are the 1992 safari dash lights not working?

Check to see if the parking lights and tailights are working - if not may be a fuse (same circuit)

Electrical wiring problems with some lighting circuits on a 1992 mercury grand marquis?

dash lights and tail lights cut out

Dash lights all came on 1992 Isuzu trooper?

It is possible that there is a problem with moisture causing a short circuit if all the dash lights come on. It could also be a faulty relay or alternator.

Where is the brake light fuse located for a 1995 Acura Integra?

The brake light fuse on a 1995 Acura Integra is located inside the cabin of the vehicle. It is on the same circuit as the dash and hazard lights.

Where is the fuel relay on a 1992 Acura Vigor?

The Vigor has a fuel relay just above the left kick panel on the driver's side. It's symptoms of being bad are: Hard to start in hot weather. Usually you can get down underneath of the dash and wiggle the multi-connector that plugs into the sensor and the car will start. I used to wiggle it at the same time I took my other hand and turned the ignition key. The car always started. Although this is only a temporary fix to not get stranded somewhere, it does work. The sensor costs about $60.00 from Acura.

Why does 95 mercury sable have no dash lights and no tail lights?

It does have both tail lights as well as dash lights

1992 maxima park dash board and tail lights dont work?

Start with new fuses...

Where is the fuse box for the dash lights on a mercury gran marquee 1992?

There is only 1 fuse block on this vehicle. If the dash lights are not or only half of them are working remove components and replace the bulbs.the fuse box is on the dr side of dash under the dash by the door also be sure the dash light dimmer control is not turned off.

What could cause brake lights to stay on 94 acura legend?

check the brake light switch behind the brake pedal under the dash.

1992 beretta has no dash lights?

Check the fuse it might be blown,if so replace with same type fuse

What would cause all the dash warning lights to come on and stay on on 1992 ES300?

It was my alternator, needed rebuild.

Toyota camary 1992 dash warning lights what do they mean?

us made power steering pumps keep going out on 1992 camary that was made in japan

Why dash lights wont come on while all other lights warning lights and all fuses were good?

Probably the dash fuse is blown, or the dimmer switch for the dash lights is bad!

99 Acura TL and every once and a while all the lights on the dash will start flashing and your gauges jump around then they go back to normal Anyone know what the problem might be?

Since all of the 99 Acura TL dash lights and gauges are giving a problem, then the power or ground wires need to be checked. These are the only two things that are common to all of the items that are giving problems.

How do you replace dash lights on 99 Honda accord?

replacing dash board lights

Dash lights on a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

dash lights looks like an engine

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