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Not every non-citizen is issued an A-number, or Alien Registration number. The number issued to international students on Employment Authorization Documents was traditionally an alternate 9 digit number which was reserved just for students who acquired temporary work authorization.

Any person who has received an immigrant visa, or been placed into removal proceedings, or more recently has been the beneficiary of an immigrant visa petition or certain specialized work visas get an A-number assigned to them. For Lawful Permanent Residents, the number is clearly shown on their Permanent Residency Card (sometimes called a 'green card'). Any official communication from USCIS to a person with an alien registration number will show the A-number, which is an 8 or 9 digit number beginning with the letter A, i.e. A123456789. If you have any documents from USCIS addressed to you, and you have an A-number, your A-number will be on the communication. When a person naturalizes to U.S. citizenship, the A-number is clearly shown on the upper right corner of the document.

If you have no documentation, and you have lost your Permanent Resident Card or certificate of naturalization, you may make an Infopass appointment through the USCIS.GOV website:, to go to your local USCIS office with official photo identification, and using your birthdate and name an information officer will be able to look up your number. Of course, you should then submit an application to replace your lost document, and unfortunately, that can be somewhat expensive.

As with any legal issue, this information is not a substitute for advice to your specific situation from a qualified Immigration attorney, and if there is any doubt as to one's status under U.S. immigration law, presenting oneself at a USCIS office without seeking legal advice first may not be the most prudent course of action.

Once you apply for an EAD card (employment authorization card) as an international student you will get the A#. The number will appear on the EAD card.

There are other cases in which you get an A#, for example when you get an H1B Visa.

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Q: How do you find your alien registration number?
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Where to find alien registration number on l1 visa?

Alien Registration Number is only for Green Card holders.

Where do naturalized US citizens with a US passport find their alien registration number?

where do naturalized US citizens with a US passport find their alien registration number? Answer #2 if you are a naturalized US citizen with a passport you no longer have the alien registration number as you are a naturalized Citizen.

How do you find an alien registration number?

Your Alien Registration Number is an 8 digit number which may be found in your passport or other documents provided to you as proof of legal permanent residence.

Do US citizens have alien registration numbers?


Where on the green card is the alien registration number located and how many places can the alien number be found on the green card?

The alien registration number starts with the A.

Is Admission number the same with Alien registration number?

No. Alien Admission numbert is on I-94. but Alien Registration number will be given by USCIS when you apply for green card (check this),

How an illegal alien can get an alien registration number?

An illegal alien can get an alien registration number by filing for one from the INS Bureau. The illegal alien will need to show proof of identity such as a birth certificate.

What does alien number mean?

In the US, an alien number refers to the alien registration number. It is an 8 or 9-digit number.

If you are a citizen do you have an alien registration number?

If you are a citizen of a country you do not need to have an alien registration number. You only need it if you are residing in a new country.

Where is the alien registration number for an H1B visa holder?

An alien registration number is a file number the USCIS assigns to certain types of cases. Most non-immigrants (ex, H-1B visa) do not have alien registration numbers.

I need my alien registration number now and you cant get a hold of it can you find it on the internet by entering all your information?

You cannot get you alien registration number on the internet. If you do not have any of your documentation, you need to send a FOIA request to USCIS for you immigration documents that they have on file. You will then be able to find you number on these documents.

What is a file number in form g325a?

The File number in G-325A refers to the alien registration file number. It can be found out from the alien registration card/ application of the applicant.

Do H4 visa holders have Alien registration number?


How many digits are there in an alien a number?

Alien registration number should be 9 digits long with no alphabetical characters.

Is alien number same as naturalization number?

Yes, I have the same alien registration number and naturalization number.I am from India residing in usa.

What if your fiance doesn't have an alien registration number?

just write "none"

An alien registration number is required of whom?

Non US. citizens

Where is the test tube aliens registration number?

Type your answer here... My son has an test tube alien and the registration number is not working. Please help.

How do you make a Nate account?

you have to have either a Korean ID number or a passport alien registration number.

What is a alien naturalization number?

Alien registration number is USCIS's way of tracking non-citizens in the US. This number is assigned to any person in the immigration process.

Where is the alien registration number found in the I-20?

Generally speaking, there is no alien number (A number) in the Form I-20. F-1 students who have an EAD card for optional practical training (OPT) can usually find their 9-digit A number on the EAD card.

Wac number is the same that an alien registration number?


How can you find your lost waec gce registration number?

gce registration number

What is the registration number in ssc certificate?

where can i find the registration number in ssc certificate

Do you still need your alien registration number if you are already a US citizen?

that's dumb once your a citizen your a citizen so your not an alien anymore