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You Have To Buy An Enchanted Mirror From The Fairy Forest. They Cost 2 Passes.

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Q: How do you find your baby's personality on babydow?
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What is the godfather on babydow?

You have to have one of your babys in school to become another babys godparent

How many babys can you make on babydow?

Unlimited! :D You can only have up to 20 at a time, though.

How do you get coins on babydow?

If you have less than 5 babys, you get 100 beads per baby. hope it helps!

On babydow if you choose to keep your babys eyes closed would they some day open?

No. But you can see it in the bath.

What is the babys routine for bed on babydow?

1.Give Affection 2.Smoother or smother whatever 3.Lullaby

Is there a babydow two?

ive also been wondering the same thing i would like to lok after my babys when they are children

How do you find a sponsor on babydow?

you cannot find a sponcer because you need to know who have a babydow account

How do you brush your babys hair on babydow?

Go to their room and click the Brush Hair button right above the Snuggly button.

How do i the narcissus mirror on babydow?

Go to your cupboards, click 'Magic Items', and click the drop-down menu selecting which baby you would like to find the personality of.

How do you change your babys hair on babydow?

You can change the hair by buying an exotic remake from the fairy forest. It is 1 pass, this allows you to change it hope this helps:)

How do you find out how many days seniority on babydow?

Click on home and you will see it under your baby(s) add me on babydow kekesceams

How do find a snuggly on babydow?

Try to find it in one of the activities on her page.