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How do you find your dad?

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Well finding you dad.. i have never been in this situation so ima give you some tips because that's the kinda guy i am hehe.


SECOND LOOK IN THE YELLOW PHONE BOOK LOL how about this i don't know my dad at all don't even know his name

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Where can you find your dad in Pokemon HeartGold?

You don't find it. There isn't a dad. T_T

How do you find out if your dad was really your dad?

Take a blood test.

Pokemon FireRed how to find your dad?

In FR/LG, you have no idea where (or who) your dad is, so you really can't find him.

How to find dad in fallout 3?

To find your dad in Fallout 3, you need to go to Vault 112.

Were to find lord Ns dad?

You already met his (adoptive) dad earlier in the game. Proceed with the plot and you'll find him. As for his biological dad, nobody knows.

Why do guys run when they find out there going to be a dad?

Because they don't want to be a dad.

What do you do if you dad doesn't let you have a hamster?

find a different pet that your dad will let you have

What do you do when you find out that your mom is cheating on your dad?

blackmail her for anything you want get it then tell your dad

How do you find who the dad is of kittens?

You Don't

What happened in the book 'Bud Not Buddy' after Bud finds his dad?

he did not find his dad but he did find his grandfather and did not go any where

In fallout 3 you are at project purity but the scientist and your dad arent there what should you do?

if you are sent there by doctor li before you find your dad find the holotapes in the main part of project purity but if you are there after you find your dad clear the whole place of mutants

How do you find your dad when they are broken up?

To find your dad you should have a talk with your mother. There may be reasons she doesn't want you to see your dad that you don't know about. If your mother will not help you find your dad then when you are 18 and no longer a minor you can try and locate him. You could speak to your dad's relatives to find out where he is, but don't go looking for him until you discuss this with your mother.

Do you ever get to find out who your dad is in harvest moon ds?

No, you never find out who he is.

How can you find out if you are a dad?

You know if you are a dad if your wife (or another female) had a baby because of you (this referring if you are a male).

Who is trying to find nemo?

his dad, Marlin

Is Silver Ash's dad?

FiNd OuT FoR YoUr SeLf

Where do you find surf in ruby?

after you beat your dad you go to wally"s house and his dad will give you surf

What band does Klaus on American Dad reference being related?

I can't find this in an episode of American Dad.

Find out about famous people who have performed hajj?

me and my dad

Where can you find spark notes for When Dad Killed Mom?

no where

How can you find out who your dad is if your mother will not tell you?

have a DNA test

What is the ending in A Wrinkle in Time?

They find Meg's dad.

What does Athena tell telemachus to do?

To find his dad, Odysseus.

How do you find dad on fallout 3?

he is at base 9

Who helped to find poor male crickets?

My dad