How do you find your television transmitter?

Finding Your Television Transmitter

That's usually difficult information to obtain, unless you know where to look.
It should be available from the Federal Communications Commission online database, and there are several broadcast sites on the internet which may have the specific location. It'll be indicated by longitude and latitude, and you'll usually have to locate it that way.

Another source is the Broadcasting yearbook which is generally available at some libraries and will supply ownership, studio locations, etc. You can also call the station and ask, but don't be too surprised if they don't offer that information freely, simply because of the current security climate in the United States. (I know if you called my station and asked, I'd be hesitant to offer anything other than the city information.)

See Related Links for where to enter your location at so you will get a list of the distance and bearing to your local TV transmitter antennas. Call the TV station, ask for the engineering dept. then ask your question.