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  • There are only two versions of USB, signified by the throughput of the data. USB 1.1 is roughly equal to 12 megabits/second of throughput USB 2.0 is roughly equal to 480 megabits/second of throughput USB versions only affect the speed, therefore, if you are worried that a purchased USB 2.0 (Hi-speed) device will or won't work on your USB enabled PC, the answer is yes it will, regardless of your USB version. The only "problem" is that it will operate at a slower pace than that of a USB 2.0 enabled PC. As a general rule, PC's that are newer than 2003 typically come installed with USB 2.0 ports. If your version absolutely needs to be known, go to your Control Panel and open up your System Icon and go to Device Manager. Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers it will list all of your USB devices. USB 2.0 devices will be labeled as "USB 2.0 Root Hub". It's important to note that Windows 95 and NT do not support USB. Windows 95 requires OSR 2 in order to support the devices, NT will not regardless of upgrades. -
  • Unfortunately, I know on one of my PCs, a 2 month old Dell Dimension 8400, that USB2 is installed, but it still shows USB RootHUb in Device Manager, not stating USB2RootHub. Looking for a better way to determine USB version!
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What is the different between a version 2.0 USB port and USB port?

nothing. Most USB ports are version 2.0, some of the new ones coming out are USB version 3.0 which is a lot faster.

What is USB 3.0?

the new version of usb that is 10x faster than usb 2.0

What is a 2.0 USB port?

A better, faster version of a usb port.

What is the maximum speed of original USB and of hi-speed USB?

USB version 1.1( sometimes called Basic speed USB or Orginal USB) allows for two speesd,1.5 Mbps and 12 Mbps. USB version 2.0 (sometimes called hi-speed USB or USB2) allows for up to 480Mbps.

How do you download Plants vs Zombies full version in a USB?

look for it up and download it on your usb

How do you upgrade from non-hi speed USB to hi speed USB?

you can purchase and install a pci card that has the current generation of usb to allow faster transfer to devices that also support the new version. The newest version is usb 3 and the ports are blue

What is the fastest USB port?

The fastest current USB ports are designed to USB V3.0, but not everything supports this. In the future there will probably be a faster version.

What is the maximum speed of original USB?

USB Version 1.1 allows for two speeds, 1.5 Mbps and 12 Mbps, and works well for slow I/O devices. USB Version 2.0 allows for up to 480 Mbps, which is 40 times faster than Original USB.

How many USB ports does a Mac Mini have?

The latest version has 4 3.0 USB ports compatible 2.0

Can you use a USB keyboard with Windows 95?

Yes. If you do not have a version of Windows 95 that supports USB directly, you can still use a USB keyoboard by enabling "Legacy USB support" in your computer's BIOS.

What is the license kakasoft usb security 1.65?

Kakasoft USB security is a downloadable software to help protect a computer. Version 1.65 is a slightly older version than the newer 1.70.

Are the usb ports of an IBM 2139e5u a version 1.0 or a 1.1?

You can find out by running diagnostic software on your system. Sandra sisoft is excellent an easily found on the Internet!

Does a U3 drive work on Macintosh OS X?

If I had a USB memory thumb drive from the U3 company I would probably find the answer is yes. The latest version of the OS X is well known for being able to run any USB Drive

Can you use a saitek Cyborg evo Joystick on a PS3?

Yes you can. (USB version).

How do you crack the password of USB security?

In the latest version 1.1.1 of USB Security, you still can't retrieve your password for a protected USB. There isn't any "backdoor" in USB Security. If you have forgotten your password,YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNPROTECT YOUR USB DRIVES. In this situation, you have to format your entire USB drive to unprotect it. But doing this will lose all your data.

How do you put songs on your USB drive?

If you downloaded the song you have to find the folder you saved it to. Copy the song (right-click and copy) and paste it into your USB drive (the USB must be plugged in). To find the USB drive go to My Computer and click the icon that your USB stick is plugged into. The name of the icon is usually the brand of your USB stick.

How to Find out the physical location of a usb 2.0 port?

Look at the motherboard the USB wires that plug into your mother board are labeled, ie USB 1, USB 2

Which USB devices can be used with a computer?

Any USB devices as long as the computer has USB Ports. Plugging new USB devices in old computers (older than 3-5 years) might not work as newer devices might use a newer USB version. Generally this rarely happens, I never had an issue of a USB device not working on a computer with USB.

Where could you find a USB that works in a ps3?

Any usb can work if you dont have a usb then try electronic stores or sometimes when things that are electronic are bought will come with a usb cable

Where can you buy a USB flashdrive?

You can find a usb flashdrive at Best Buy or some times at Target.

What are the function of the BIOS?

The main function is to change the boot order e.g from HDD,DVD,USB. to DVD,HDD,USB. manly if you want to upgrade the version of windows.

How do we find a jsp version in Java?

first you have to find out what version of j2ee you are using then from there you can lookup the jsp version for that version of j2ee

When using an external hard drive what port is the fastet version of usb currently available?


Where can I get an usb security lock?

Usb security locks are important in your profession. You can purchase a usb security lock from or you can also find them at

Were can you find the elite4 in emerald version?

Were can you find the elite4 in emerald version?