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How do you find your usb version?

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May 06, 2012 10:18AM

  • There are only two versions of USB, signified by the throughput of the data. USB 1.1 is roughly equal to 12 megabits/second of throughput USB 2.0 is roughly equal to 480 megabits/second of throughput USB versions only affect the speed, therefore, if you are worried that a purchased USB 2.0 (Hi-speed) device will or won't work on your USB enabled PC, the answer is yes it will, regardless of your USB version. The only "problem" is that it will operate at a slower pace than that of a USB 2.0 enabled PC. As a general rule, PC's that are newer than 2003 typically come installed with USB 2.0 ports. If your version absolutely needs to be known, go to your Control Panel and open up your System Icon and go to Device Manager. Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers it will list all of your USB devices. USB 2.0 devices will be labeled as "USB 2.0 Root Hub". It's important to note that Windows 95 and NT do not support USB. Windows 95 requires OSR 2 in order to support the devices, NT will not regardless of upgrades. -
  • Unfortunately, I know on one of my PCs, a 2 month old Dell Dimension 8400, that USB2 is installed, but it still shows USB RootHUb in Device Manager, not stating USB2RootHub. Looking for a better way to determine USB version!