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it would be way more hassle than it would be worth.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-04 17:12:36
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Q: How do you fit a V8 5.7 big block in a Isuzu KB 160 Bakkie?
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Is the Ford V8 390 a small block or big block?

Big block

Is a long block a big block?

It could be if it is a big block but a "long block" means it includes the heads a short block does not.

Is a 351m a big block?

It is a "windsor" (small block) with Cleveland heads (big block).

How does a big block 350 work?

The 350 engine is a small block, not a big block.

Did Chevrolet make a 350 big block?

No, they did not. The smallest big block Chevy is the 396. They also made a small block and big block 400.

Difference from a big block 350 to a small block 350?

There is no such thing as a big block 350.

What better big block 350 or small block 350?

there is no such thing as a big block 350

How big is 160 meters?

160 meters is the same as about 525 feet.

Is 351 Cleveland big block?

Windsor 351, is a small block. 351 Cleveland, is a big block. The 351M, stands for "modified" and is a windsor (small) block, with Cleveland (big block) heads.

Is there a Big block dodge engine?

The dodge 400 is a big block.

How many brick to cover a block?

How big is the block and how big is the brick?

How much does 350 big block have?

How much "what" does a 350 big block have?

Big block casting 8999289 is it a big block engine?


Is the Chevy v8 350 a small block or big block?

"The v8 350 is a small block Chevrolet became a big block at 396cubic anything smaller is a "small" block" this is a little misleading. a 350 is indeed a small block. a 396 is indeed a big block. but you can have a small block that is (internally..cubic inch wise) actually larger than a big block. for example GM made a 400 cubic inch small block. internally it is a larger engine than a 396, but the outer dimensions of the 396 are larger than the 400 small block. and the external dimensions and cylinder head design are what make a small block a small block, and a big block a big block. a small block engine simply has a physically smaller block...a big block is called a big block because it's block is bigger than that of a small block.

At what cubic inch does a engine go from a small block to a big block?


Is a 351 cleavland a big block engine?

351 Windsor is a small block, 351 Cleveland, is a big block. The 351M, (modified) is a small block, with big block heads on it.

How big is 160 cm?

1.6 meters, or 160 cm, is about 5 feet.

How can you tell the difference between A 350 small block and A 350 big block?

No such thing as a 350 big block.

Is a 6.2 liter a big block or small for a chevy?

That would be a big block. If you are referring to the diesel engine, it is based on the Oldsmobile rocket block, and shares nothing with the engines usually referred to as big block or small block.

Will a small block 350 crank work on a 454 big block?

A 350 is a small block and all the engine parts are small. The 454 is a big block and everything is big. Nothing will interchange.

Is there a ford 302 big block?

No. The 302 is a small block only. However, the 351, came as a Windsor, or small block, and a Cleveland, which was a big block...

How can you tell if your 383 is a big block or small block?

Chrysler 383 is a big block. The Chevy 383, is a de stroked 400, small block.

Are small block and big block distributor caps the same for HEI caps?

Actually the complete distributor will fit from the small block to the big block.

How much horsepower dose a nova 350 big block have?

First of all is that a 350 is not a big block. It is a small block.

How big is 160 million acres?

160 million acres is 250,000 square miles.