How do you fit a passenger side wing mirror to a Skoda octavia?

On the INSIDE of the door there is a triangular panel where the wing mirror is, on my one there is a small speaker attached to the panel. Pop off the panel with a screwdriver and there is a block connector in the hole, attached to the door, you should be able to pull this up enough to disconnect the wires, if not you'll have to take off the door panel to get at the connector. There is 2 bolts where the triangular panel was and 1 bolt in near the hing of the door, open these and the wing mirror comes away form the door. There is a piece of sponge in the hole where the wires go through, push the block connector through this and the mirror is free.

Hint: If you have a magnet put it on to the spanner you're using to take off the bolts, it will stop them from falling down inside the door panel.