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How do you fit clutch on a matiz does engine stay in car or is it a complete subframe job cheers pete?

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Q: How do you fit clutch on a matiz does engine stay in car or is it a complete subframe job cheers pete?
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How do you replace starter in 450 smart fortwo?

Drop the complete engine and subframe. it pays 16 hours.

How do you change clutch on mondeo?

you need to suspend the body best on a 2 poster ramp/lift , then remove the subframe and suspension rack etc, hold engine on a engine crane.

Can a 2005 Chevy Malibu 6-cylinder. engine subframe fit in a 2005 Chevy Malibu 4-cylinder . engine?

The subframe would be the same. The only thing with different engines would be engine mounts. But that has nothing to do with the subframe.

How do you remove gearbox on fiat scudo 1.9?

theres an easy way and a hard way the easy way is to undo all the subframe bolts on the n/s (passenger side) subframe this will allow you to drop box out or if you dont feel up to that remove gearbox from engine and rest on subframe completely remove the clutch . then with the engine properly supported remove the engine mounting (o/s top) and move engine as far left as possible this will allow the box to tip down past the engine this is a very tight fit and requires some pushing and pulling it becomes even more difficult to fit the gearbox like this as gravity is no longer helping you in my opinion the best way is option one

How do you replace the sub-frame on a 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

Support the engine and transaxle from above using a support bar. Raise the vehicle on a hoist lift. Remove the front lower control arms and swaybar bushings from the subframe. Support the subframe with tall jackstands. Unbolt the engine and trans mounts from the subframe. Remove and clips or brackets for such things as oil coolers or wiring attached to the subframe. Remove the susbframe mounting bolts, then lower the subframe from the car. Reverse the procedure. Get a wheel alignment. Be sure to tell whoever is doing it that you replaced the subframe as this information is critical for the alignment to come out the way it should.

Why the engine revs is going higher when pressing clutch down and changing gears?

Every time you engage the clutch, the clutch disengages from the transmission/engine. Which in term engine revs up, until you disengage the clutch.

Got bad knocking noise when engine is running in neutral put foot on clutch and noise goes what could this be?

The throwout bearing is bad. the throwout attaches to the clutch fork and presses into the clutch pressure plate when clutch is depressed. You will need to replace this and complete clutch assembly. Make sure that you have the flywheel turned while clutch is removed.

How do you remove gearbox from Vauxhall astra?

u have to remove the subframe ball joints and sterring rack its bolted to the subframe remove the entire subframe frm car so the it sits on the engine mounts with car propped up so u can acess the gearbox and disconnect the gear linkage

To remove the engine of a 94 Buick Century do you pull the engine out from above or do you lift the body after unhooking the front subframe?

it comes out the top only

How do you change the front anti roll bar on a alfa romeo 156 does the engine need come out?

no the engine does not come out,you have to drop the front subframe..................

How do you remove the engine on a 2001 rav 4?

Like many big jobs, if you have to ask, you should probably take it to a pro. Basically though, you take off all the connecting wires and hoses, power steering rack lower joint and tierods, axles etc. lower the car onto 3 or 4 jackstands aligned with the subframe. unbolt the subframe and remove the engine/transaxle/subframe/power steering rack as a unit. then an engine crane is required to take the engine off the transaxle

Do you need to remove engine when changing clutch on a Toyota Corolla 1994?

To change the clutch you need to remove the engine, the transmission or both. The clutch is BEWEEN the engine and transmission and you can't get it off without separating them.

How do you pull a motor out of a 97 cavalier?

You drop the engine, transmission and subframe all together down and out the bottom of the car. Then separate the engine from the transmission on the floor.

Is a clutch change on a fiat coupe twenty valve turbo an engine out job?

No. You can remove the clutch and gearbox with the engine in-situ.

Should the engine of my Mini Cooper be at 4000 RPMs when I am going 70 MPH in fifth gear?

No, you need to get your clutch checked. At 70 in 5th gear you ought to be around 3200 or so. Cheers, Lloyd

How do you pull engine in a 1994 astro van?

The easiest is to disconnect all the usual things, and drop the subframe from the van.

When the driver pushes the clutch pedal down the clutch disengage from the engine?


How do you remove a northstar engine?

Remove with gearbox and suspension. Split off theengine from the subframe and gearbox. A northstar engine in an eldorado or Seville can be removed in four hrs.

Does engine fan have a clutch?

If it is an electric fan, NO. If it is a mechanical fan test it to see. If you can turn the fan by hand with the engine not running it has a clutch.

What is a clutch safety switch?

It prevents engine cranking unless the clutch pedal is pressed.

How do you fix a 1981 Mazda 323 clutch?

unbolt tranny from engine clutch is between them

What are the function of clutch?

The clutch disconnects drive from the engine to the wheels. It is required to change gears.

Your Honda Prelude 1992 with a new clutch won't engage into gear what is your problem?

If it will go into gear when the engine is off but not when the engine is running, the clutch is not disengaging. It could be the clutch, possibly warped or put in wrong, or it could be the hydraulic clutch mechanism.

2000 dodge ram 1500 you hear chattering when its running and when you sink clutch half inch chattering goes away?

Why don't you take it to a mechanic before you ruin your truck by riding the clutch? The chattering could be engine knock because your engine is out of tune. When you ride the clutch, the clutch slips and puts less strain on your engine as you are burning out your clutch.

How do you remove a 1996 2L megane coupe gearbox via the bottom of the engine?

can't be done without dropping subframe