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How do you fix 'The application has failed to initialize' when you have installed a new game?

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Here are some alternatives you can do.

1. Uninstall the game client and remove all your startup to free some memory. 2. Browse the internet for the latest patch of the game. 3. Update your directx. Be sure it's the latest or 9.0c. 4. Check the readme file for video card compatability issues. 5. Check your OS for possible Trojan or virus infection.

2011-09-13 01:55:07
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If you have already installed the game you should be fine, however if you have not yet installed the game and do not have the CD key you should contact the store where you purchased the game.

Can you play game that had been installed from game CD and into the PS3 hdd without the actual CD game?

No, you must insert the game every time you want to play it. The game was not downloaded when you installed it and is only kept on your harddrive for records on game data, trophies, updates, etc.

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Answer 1. Startup the game and as soon as you see the Ubisoft logo press and hold the L, X, B, and Select buttons at the same time. 2. It will ask you "Do you want to Initialize the save data?", tap the circle button. 3. Next, it will ask you "You won't be able to start from where you last saved if you initialize. Are you sure you want to initialize?", tap the circle button. 4. After you tap the circle button on the screen that tells you "Save data has been initialized." your saved game should now be deleted.

How do you get cracks for like games to work?

Cracks for PC games usually come in the form of a cracked initialization executable or .exe file. To install a crack which includes such a file, go to Start > My Computer > The drive you use for installing games > Program Files > the game folder - and overwright the game .exe file with the cracked .exeThen initialize the game with said file, and it should run without requiring authentication.Cracks may also include other modified game files which are also installed via an overwright.

When I run The Sims 3 I get an error message saying I have installed an unofficial game modification but I have nothing installed except the official Sims 3 game updates can I fix this?

Absolutely not

How do restart petz catz clan?

Start the game,and hold down the:L,X,B,select then it will say:Do you want to Initialize the save data. And so on.

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