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An easy way is to Find the fuse box then pull each one out and look at the center there should be a break in the middle of the fuse that needs to be replaced. Replace it with one with the same number that is on the head of it.

There are fuses located on the side of the dash board console (just opposite the car door) toward the front. Pull the panel off from the bottom. A map of the fuses is located on the inside cover.

Also, there is another fuse box located under the hood. If you lift the hood this will be a black plastic box on your right, halfway up. It says "Electrical Center" on the lid.

More info can be found on page 6-76 of your owners manual (part number X2115 B).

Here is the link to the manufacturer's online owner's manual:

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Q: How do you fix 2001 GMC Sierra truck fuses?
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