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Brake lights go through the turn signal switch. When you hit the brakes, the brake lights come on but if you turn on the signal at the same time, that side brake light is controlled by the turn signal.

If you're certain that the bulb is good and has been properly installed, the only possibilities are, faulty bulb socket, bad electrical connection or turn signal switch inside the steering column... and BTW, it can be a real pain to replace, depending on the vehicle.

HeadlineI actually switched bulbs from the working side to the non working and vice versa, still same thing.

And on the 92 Accord, there's separate bulbs for the tail/brake lights than it has for the turn signal. I guess it still could be in the turn signal switch, but this seems to throw another wrinkle into the equation.

I'm hearing a clicking sound inside(away from the brake light switch) like a relay clicking off and on. Any thoughts on if/where a brake light relay might be?

Thanks in advance for any extra thoughts/input.

Have you checked the fuse? I always check that first. :-)

When it happened to me it was the wiring and the little box next to the bulbs (sorry I don't know what it is called it is right next to the brake bulb on the plate side. ) that were the problem. The connections and the box were badly corroded. From the outside they looked fine but when I went to unplug the little box everything pretty much fell apart.

I just went to the auto recyclers found the same car and cut out the entire assembly from the car. I cut it where the wires went into the tail light so I had the two sockets and the box. I spliced the "new" stuff to my car and it worked. I cut it further back than just at the plug and the box because someone had worked on the wiring before and did a crappy job. I am not a mechanic and it only took me about a half hour to do the whole job once I got it home.

Good luck!

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Q: How do you fix 92 Accord brake lights that won't work on right side and the back window-already replaced bulbs and brake light switch?
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Turn signal relay needs to be replaced. If you turn on the hazard (emergency) switch, all the signal lights should come on. This says the lights are okay.

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check your fuses ... assuming that only the lights failed. Second posibility: the switch or the wires going to the light switch.

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If the high beam switch is broken that it should be replaced. When the unit is replaced the high beams will work again.

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Probably the flasher unit needs to be replaced. This is an electronic switch which usually mounts underneath the dashboard.

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Go to dealership and buy a plastic piece that goes on the brake pedal to turn the switch on and off. This little plastic snaps into place. The insert breaks after years of use and can easily be replaced by holding the brake pedal down and push it into place.

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Adjust or replace the brake light switch.

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The same thing happened to me. It's the brake lights switch either under or over the brake pedal. The same thing happened to me. It's the brake lights switch either under or over the brake pedal.

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take it to a garage u silly bumhole!!

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Brake switch needs replaced.