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the fan is under the glovebox. if you look under there you'll see a circular black plastic base with 3 tabs that the screws go through to secure it to the heater assy. it has a plug in it. remove the plug and put a test light between the 2 wires. turn the key to the on position(engine not running), and turn the fan on. the light should come on in all 3 or 4 fan positions. if it does remove the fan by taking out the 3 screws and replace it. if the light wont come on in any position, you probably have a blown heater fuse or a bad switch. if the light only comes on in the high position(in this case the blower would also have worked on high i suspect) the blower resistor is bad. its a small plate(1 1/2"x2 1/2") on the heater near the blower held in with 2 screws. just remove the screws and replace it to restore the lower blower settings.

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Q: How do you fix a 1987 Toyota Tercel's heating fan?
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Under the glove box, look up under from the floor and you will see it bolted to the junction box, disconnect the battery then the wires to the fan, pull three bolts and out she comes

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