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Buy a new transmission or rebuild the transmission my cougar did the same thing and i drove it everywhere with no overdrive wich is a real gas guzzeling thing to do

Note added 7/5/2007: While replacing/rebuilding the transmission should fix the problem, I would get a second opinion. It may be fixed for a whole lot less money, if you are handy. I have fixed a number of transmission problems on my 1994 Thunderbird myself with shift kits, and replacing various solenoids, sensors and switches, etc.

Actually, theres a line that might be rusted over. A simple can of WD40 would do the trick lol. I had the same problem with mine we sprayed the line down works just fine in OD now.

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Q: How do you fix a 1993 Ford Thunderbird that won't go into overdrive?
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Why wont my 1991 ford escort shift into overdrive?

A 1991 Ford Escort will not shift into overdrive if the overdrive switch has been turned off or the transmission is failing. A mechanic or local dealership can diagnose and repair both issues.

Why wont the running lights work on a 1996 ford Thunderbird?

there is a fuse dedicated to the running lights on the 96 Thunderbird. Check your fuse panel under the dashboard for the proper fuse and check to see if it is blown.

Will parts from 1993 ford f 150 fit on 1965 ford f 100?

No they wont. not even close.

Why wont your 77 ford transmission shift into over drive?

Mainly because the C6 transmission only has 3 gears and no overdrive.

Why wont your 1988 thunderbird shift to overdrive?

This can be caused by many things. Your best bet is to take it to a transmission specialist and have him determine the cause. It may be as simple as a solenoid that has gone bad or it might be more serious.

You have replaced the heads on a 1996 ford thunderbird and all other parts but it still wont crank what could be the problem?

Have you replaced the cam and/or crank sensor?

Why wont digital speedometer light up on a 1987 Ford Thunderbird?

Just pray for it to come back on mine always does. Also stop slamming on the dashboard.

What if your overdrive wont turn on?

Start with checking the fuses.

Transmission in a 1967 Ford Thunderbird?

its a standard ford C6 passenger car transmission. a truck C6 wont work as i believe the bellhousings are different. torino, fairlane, and Lincoln transmissions should be the same.

Why my 95 Montero doesn't shift the overdrive?

95 mitsubishi montero sr wont shift to overdrive why

Will a car start with a disabled overdrive?

yes it will start it just wont go into overdrive when you are driving it drrba

1996 Ford Thunderbird turns over and wont start but gots fuel pressure?

i would check to see if it has spark and i would check your fuses under the hood

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