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How do you fix a 1998 Mercury Sable if the AC stays on when heater is turned on?

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cars that are equipped with ac are supposed to run when the heat selection is on : max a/c , a/c , mix or defrost. the ac pump dries the air that flows through it which helps to clear the windshield and also to help to feel cooler in the summer . i have pulled the plug on the compressor before to turn it off during the winter months but it is just fine to run

Also, heat settings keep the compressor running to prevent it from seizing. The number 1 cause of compressor failure was due to lack of use during the long winter months.

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2002 Mercury Sable dome light stays on?

The switch located on the door frame may be broken is a dome light stays on in a Mercury Sable. The switch may need to be repaired. If that is not the issue, a mechanic can diagnose the issue. Another way to help find a solution is to look in the owner manual or repair book for the car.

What is the exclamation point inside a gear light on a 2001 mercury sable?

On a 2001 Mercury Sable : That's your " CHECK TRANSAXLE " ( transmission ) warning light The warning light is located in the bottom of the tachometer on the left side . If the light stays on take the vehicle in for servicing

1996 Mercury Sable--heater does not blow warm air. Coolant boils out from radiator cap after car has been used. Changed radiator cap 16 psi Engine temp stays in the normal range while driving.?

chances are that you have a blockage somewhere heater core radiator heater hose try flushing the system first then go from there

Your heater stays on hot continuously any ideas?

replace the heater temperature switch

Why does temp raise then cool down when heater is turned up?

This question was for a 1998 Mazda 626. The solution to this problem of the temp heating up is to start the heater in the car on high. Then it immediately goes to the neutral temp for the car, and stays in stable there.

How can you turn off the map reading-light in your 1997 Mercury Sable which stays on all the time?

it could be a relay. it is located in your fuses box. it might need to be replaced or you might just need to blow it off.

How do you keep the gas water heater on when power outage?

It stays on UNLESS you have a commercial heater with an electronic ignition

What is the yellow indicator light that looks like a gear with an exclamation point in the middle on a 2000 Sable Taurus?

According to the 2000 Mercury Sable owners manual : That's your check transaxle warning light ( located in the bottom / left of the tachometer ) A problem has been detected , shifting may be restricted ( if the warning light stays on , have your vehicle serviced immediately )

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because it a liquid and it stays at room temoture

When should you replace a thermostat?

When it's broken or the mercury stays the same.

The heater stays on all the time in your 2000 Daewoo nubira?

I changed the heater cable. 10 minute job. Heater fixed and cost $10 for the part brand new at Kelly Holden.

2002 Mercury Grand Marquis engine light stays on?

Have the codes read.

What is the problem with my 2003 Mercury Mountaineer door ajar light stays on and overhead lights will not cut off when engine is turned off.?

Just spray some wd40 in all the latches. The sensors are in those latches. I had the same problem and it solved it for me

Why does the engine light on a mercury milan stays on?

because your on board diagnostic system says there is a problem. Take it to an autoparts store, chances are they will test it for free and let you know the possible solutions. Hope that helps, post the obdII code and its meaning here, and maybe i can help. i had to rip apart my sable recently to fix this.

My 1991 mercury sable runs but sounds like it has no oil and the oil light stays on after it starts?

The oil pump inside the engine is probably busted. If you start and run it you will probably ruin the engine. Probably $100 to fix now or $7000 to fix if you ruin the engine. Don't drive it or run it any more.

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How do you determine what the problem is when the heater for a 99 Chevy Blazer won't heat up but stays barely warm?

Thermostat stuck open or heater core clogged. I had a similar problem in feb.2005 with my 1998 S-10 Blazer and it was due to the Dex-cool had turned to sludge , and that caused lots of problems. The first thing to do is after the engine is warmed up, feel the heater hoses going into the heater . if they are hot then the problem is in the heater, probably just adjustment or fuse. If they are just warm to cool then the answer is in the engine, probably needs a thermostat. answer can also be the temperature control switch in dasboard of car

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That Sounds like a very dangerous problem. You Must Get This Checked By a PRO! Low Gas Pressure could be one cause another is if you use hot air heat the return ducts could be turned off or closed, forcing return air through the flue and the chimney. Here is a quick test. with the water heater pilot lit open the door the the living quarters Basement door, turn heat on if water heater pilot stays on then you got a blocked return. You really should get this checked by a pro. Also please get a good c0 dector

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Why does heater not heat up temperature gage stays cold?

My first guess would be a thermostat stuck open. Replace the thermostat.

Heater blower motor stays on even with key off?

On a Chrysler/Jeep product that is usually an indication that the blower resistor has failed.