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The ambient temp sensor is between the grill and the AC condenser. The fix will depend on what is wrong. When you say that it shows the incorrect outside temp, I wonder how far off it is, because frankly those thingsa re never really 100% accurate. They are always a few degrees off. If it way off then that would indicate a problem. Here is a clue to help. The system has two wires, a sensor, and the control head. That is all there is. If the sensor is shorted internally or the two wires are shorted, the reading is going to go to one extreme, I believe it will go way low, like -40 degrees. If the circuit goes open, like an open circuit in the sensor, or wiring, then it will go to the other extreme, like 300 degrees or so. You can do some diag using a paper clip. Find the sensor, unplug it(create an open circuit), and cycle the key on, and see what happens to the display temp, then create a short across the two terminals of the connector, cycle the key off then on, and see if the opposite extreme happens. If the temp responds as it is supposed to, then likely the problem is the sensor. If the temp does not repond as it should, then you likely have a wiring or a control head issue.

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2006-04-21 04:49:15
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Q: How do you fix a 1999 Crown Vic climate control that shows the incorrect outside temp. Where is the sensor located?
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