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How do you fix a 2002 Grand Cherokee's air conditioner that does not blow?

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It can be a number of things. First check the fuses then make sure the blower motor is operative. If all checks ok, take it to a garage.

Let's not assume an a/c problem if the air is not blowing. This is usually due to a burnt out blower motor resistor. The various speeds of the blower are controlled by this resistor pack. It is cheap to replace and is usually located behind the heater/AC controls on the dash. This pack can fail in different ways to where some blower speed positions work and others don't. If there is no air blowing at all I would check it. Just ask for a blower motor resistor at a local parts store. They fail enough that its a stock item.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/When_the_air_conditioner_is_on_in_a_1999_jeep_grand_cherokee_limited_why_does_air_not_blow#ixzz1NhcqvpsE

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