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If the AC is on Vent and it blows hot air in and the temp is at coolest. I think it does not matter because when you have it in vent it is venting air from the out side, it will start blowing air from the out side meaning if its hot out side the air will come out hot. Sometimes a car might blow hot air when you have it on full AC and cooldest. When you accelerate your car hard but it should cool down after you stop accelerating hard.

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Your climate control in your 1998 Ford E250 Cargo Van blows cold air when in heat position and sometimes it blows warm air when in the cold position?

Your climate control in your 1998 Ford E250 Cargo Van blows cold air when in heat position and sometimes it blows warm air when in the cold position?

Why on your Lincoln LS sometime blows out hot air when the air is on?

The heater control valve is bad. Sometimes the dual heater control valve will go and the AC will blow full heat.

When you plug thermostat to base to control a gas pack control fuse blows?

control fuse blows when you plug thermostat to base controlling a gas pack unit

Air conditioning on 1992 Camaro only blows air out of defrost?

The control of vents on the Third Generation Camaro's is done with vaccum rather than via cable or electrical means. The problem is being caused by a vaccum leak either at the control unit or somewhere along the vaccum source line. Best check for leaks on both side of the firewall. Also, the control unit may need to be replaced. My Camaro had the exact same problem and it was a vacuum hose leak.

What direction does the wind blow in northern Kentucky?

Depending on the atmospheric conditions, it sometimes blows from the north, sometimes from the south, sometimes from the east, and sometimes from the west.

Why does my 1994 grand Marquis AC blows cold sometimes then blows supper hot the refrigerant level is good?

2 thing's ambient temperature sensor malfunctioning if you have computer controlled a/c or heater a/c blend control actuator. I've seen both problems.

What is the problem when your heater only blows out of the defrost?

Prob the control switch. I have a similar problem with a 1993 Taurus. U put it on ac it blows out def. Def. blows out vent and none of it really blows out unless it's on high.

Why 2005 Dodge stratus heater ac clima control blows hot air all the the time and when set to defrost it blows straight when set straight blows to the defrost?

You either have a bad controller or a bad actuator.........

What could be wrong with the heater on a 1996 camaro Z28 if it still blows warm air on low setting and coolant is normal?


99 Camaro blows fuse?

Which fuse is blowing - please be more specific as there are more than one fuse controlling many aspects of the car's electrical systems.

The courtesy fuse on a 1995 camaro blows after about 50 seconds the firsts time and therafter any fuse you install blows up immediately The radio -dome lighs are not working Where is the problem?

most likely cause is a bad ground or a short circuit, probably in the radio

What If your tire blows out while driving?

You may or may not loose control and have a wreck. If you do not panic you will be ok.

1994 camaro heats up and blows cold air?

Check coolant level Perhaps thermostat is not opening to allow coolant to circulate through engine and heater core

My 03 trailblazer blows heat out of the back vents when set on ac sometimes any clues what supplies heat for the back?

If your 03 Trailblazer blows heat out of the back vents when set on AC sometimes, it could be because of a faulty blower motor resistor block.

I have dual heat control the passenger side blows hot and the driver side blows cold when heat is on?

make sure both knobs are all the way up on red for heat...

Why does your fuel warning light not work on Isuzu bighorn?

Sometimes the fuel level meter is faulty... also the bulb sometimes blows on those things Mr X

WHY DOES Ac blows cold until car warms up and then it just blows air?

Actually, the AC is always blowing cold air. Its just that sometimes your nerves can't feel it because your body is used to it.

What can happen if your car tires blow out?

At highway speed you can loose control and have a wreck, especially if a front tire blows out.

95 ford contour blows air out defroster only not out vents on any setting why?

This may be a cause... My wife's 95 contour had to have the vacuum temp settings control unit replace 2 times. If you are constantly changing settings it really blows the valves in the climate control center... Just a thought.

What would be the control group of an experiment to see which bubblegum blows the biggest bubbles?

There is no control group just variables like the amount of air and force that can go in each bubble

Why will your car blows sometimes cold air and sometimes hot air?

There's a malfunction somewhere. You need to have a shop perform a system performance test in order to properly diagnose the problem.

When you launch the robot on poptropica do you press enter?

Yes, then you can control the robot and crash him into asteroids until the robot blows up

Why your 93 Chrysler Concorde has no power to the dashboard and the heat blows constantly?

It may be due to the control head needing replaced

You keep trying to replace a fuse on your 1988 camaro but every time it touches the box it blows what causes this?

You have a short circuit that keeps blowing the fuse. Find and repair the short before putting a in new fuse.

Which fuse controls the blower fan for 05 Highlander heat only works The fan blows cannot control temperature via temperature knob on the dash?

Had same probllem on High. 2002 "The fan blows cannot control temperature via temperature knob on the dash?" Knob was useless. Turns out that the problem was the A/C/Heating control unit. Replaced under warranty $1000