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First go to the basics. Look for a vacuum leak or something that may be holding the throttle valve open. Everybody wants to blame the computer first and ignore going to the most likely culprit because people don't understand the computer. Fact is, if the car is running, even though badly, it probably isn't the computer.

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Q: How do you fix a 97 Dodge Neon that revs uncontrollably Is it a computer problem or maybe the fuel injector?
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What causes an open injector circuit code on a Dodge ram 1500?

Unplugged connector, failed injector, broken wire, bad computer.

Why is your Dodge Caravan 2003 sputtering when you drive it?

Problem in the injectors. Put a can of injector cleaner in the gas and see if it helps.

Why is your 2001 Dodge Ram cummins sputtering?

i would check out the injector pump. it is a common problem with that model cummings.

What can cause a misfire on a dodge magnum?

Spark plug, coil, injector, bad fuel, weak compression, wiring issue, computer issue,......

What causes p0203 on a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Bad injector or injector wiring on cylinder #3.

Is the 2001 dodge neon fuel port injector?

A Dodge Neon is port injected.

Where is the injector sensor in a 2000 dodge 3500?

There is no such part.

How do you adjust the idle on a 97 dodge stratus?

It is not adjustable. If not correct, you have a sensor or computer problem.

Does a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 have a cold start injector?


How do you change fuel injector on dodge v6?

matters where the leak is at

Will bulkhead connectors make your 1999 dodge ram die and give a no bus signal?

Any computer or a wiring problem ( connectors included ) can cause that problem.Any computer or a wiring problem ( connectors included ) can cause that problem.

What would cause an injector to leak on your 92 dodge d250?


What does injector timing failure mean on a 2001 dodge 3500?

Usually the injector pump has failed. You will also want to check the lift pump.

How do you adjust idle on 2003 dodge caravan 2.4 liter?

Idle is computer controlled and is not adjustable. If the idle is incorrect, you have a computer, sensor, wiring problem.

How do you reset computer on Dodge Caliber?

To reset computer on dodge caliber. remove the dodge caliber, remove the negative and positive cable from the battery. You can then reset your computer.

How to fix multiple cylinder misfire in a 1997 dodge stratus?

A cylinder misfire can be cause by a bad spark plug or a bad fuel injector. Replace the spark plug to see if the problem is corrected.

Why is your air bag light on in 2003 dodge ram?

The air bag system has a problem that could result in a serious safety problem. Have the computer system scanned and repair the problem

How does a fuel pump on a dodge shadow work?

The computer sends a pulse The computer has a green wire with a black stripe,that wire runs over to the fuel relay then splits off to the fuel pump,then to the injector/s ,then last to the ignition coil

Is misfire of a cylinder a drastic problem 1997 Dodge Caravan 6 cylinder had it scanned this was answer to service engine light had spark plugs chged and the wires still same problem light comes on?

These vehicles are known for ECM (computer) problems that cause missfires & other runability problems. Usually if this is a ECM problem the dash works intermittantly (lights, odometer, etc) also. Could also be an injector or another ignition component.

Where is the location of the map sensor on a 2001 dodge 3500?

dirver side by injector pump

How do you disable a fuel injector on a dodge ram 5.9L?

In order to disable a fuel injector on a Dodge Ram 5.9 L, you will need to locate the Schrader valve along the engine's line. You then will need to take a screwdriver and simply detach the battery cable.

What does Misfire cylinder 2 1997 dodge caravan 3.3 engine mean What is the problem?

Most of the time this means that the coil for that cylinder is bad. It can also mean a bad plug and sometimes the fuel injector.

What is trouble code 26 1989 dodge mini ram van 3.0?

26 means too high resistance in the #3 injector bank, or the injector itself.

What does a crank sensor do on a 1995 dodge ram 1500 4wd?

It gives the engine computer the rotational location of the crankshaft. That is how the computer knows what piston is coming up on top dead center. It needs this info along with the cam sensor(in the distributor) for injector and spark timing.

Why does my 1990 dodge ram run rich at 2500 rpms?

Could be a leaking fuel injector.