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How do you fix a Dreamcast?

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Since it's one of the original gaming systems, I would take it to a video game store and see if they can repair it!

A common problem with the Dreamcast is that it will keep resetting.

2017-01-15 04:10:45
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Q: How do you fix a Dreamcast?
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Can Gamestop fix a Dreamcast for free?

no it costs $90 to repair

What dreamcast emulator will play dreamcast roms?

There are no dreamcast emulators that will run dreamcast ROMs. The dreamcast is cd-based, so you can either download an emulator like Chankast, and use actual dreamcast CDs (you can get them for a couple of dollars/pounds) or download dreamcast ISOs

Were can you get a Dreamcast emulator for the Dreamcast?

The Dreamcast cannot emulate itself, however, it is possible to obtain a Dreamcast emulator for a PC. Various emulators, such as Chankast Alpha, exist.

Can I play a Dreamcast game on my computer by putting it in my CD drive?

No a Dreamcast game will not play on your computer but just putting the disc in there. You would have to play a dreamcast game on a dreamcast system.

Where can you download a Sega Dreamcast BIOS?

Dreamcast BIOS dumps are not legally redistributable. You must dump them yourself from your own Dreamcast.

Where can you get a Dreamcast?

Amazon or e bay and you can get lots of dreamcast games too

What games can the Dreamcast Console play?

They can only play games that are designated for the dreamcast.

Can you play Sega Saturn games on the Sega Dreamcast?

You only play Dreamcast games like Sonic Adventure on your Sega Dreamcast instead of Sega Saturn.

Do they still make new Dreamcast Consoles?

They stopped making Dreamcast Consoles in 2003.

Can you download sega Dreamcast games from the internet?

yes we can download sega dreamcast games from the internet

Can you play a dreamcast game in a ps2?

it is unlikely since the dreamcast and ps2 were "fighting" each other

Will dreamcast games play on Wii?

no it cant the reason is wii is stronger and sega dreamcast is from sega and wii is for nintendo. gamecube games could be played on wii but never dreamcast.

What are the release dates for Outrigger - 2001 VG?

Outrigger - 2001 VG was released on: USA: 26 July 2001 (Dreamcast version) France: 3 August 2001 (Dreamcast version) Germany: 3 August 2001 (Dreamcast version) Spain: 3 August 2001 (Dreamcast version) UK: 3 August 2001 (Dreamcast version)

Is there a Dreamcast version of Sonic Heroes?

Unfortunately no. The Dreamcast became obsolete before Sonic Heroes came out.

What requirements are there for Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast?

game controllers,small screen savers,and of course,a dreamcast

Where can I get replacement conrtoles for a Dreamcast Console?

Right here on this site is the best place to get discounted Dreamcast Consoles.

Can dreamcast play dvds?


How do you get games from Nintendo 64to play on the sega Dreamcast?

Unless you are considering doing a bizzarro mod to your dreamcast, you cannot.

Is there any way to replace the fan in my Dreamcast Console?

It would be cheaper to just buy a new Dreamcast Console.

Is a PS better than a sega dreamcast?

No. dreamcast has better memory, game selection, and great graphics. it was far ahead of its time. Sega Dreamcast is 100 times better than the Sony Playstation.

How can you clear memory pack for a dreamcast?

To clear a Dreamcast memory pack connect it to a Dreamcast via a controller. Start the Dreamcast without a disc in the drive and wait for the main menu. From the main menu select "File" and then select the memory card you wish to erase. Press left to highlight the "all" option and press A. From the menu select "delete (memory reset)". The Dreamcast should then clear the memory of all data.

Where can you download dreamcast internet browser?

There is no internet on the Dreamcast. i had one and i tried to find everything but it did not work.. Sowole Sotimehin read this

Is the Dreamcast still for purchase today?

No the only way you can buy a dreamcast controller is on the internet. Or you can buy it from pawn shops if you get lucky.

Does PlayStation 2 AV cable work on Dreamcast?

No, the Sony PlayStation 2 av cable will not work on the sega dreamcast.

Where can you get a Japanese Dreamcast?

Japan Ebay