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i have the same problem, already replaced the switch. Its the motor. its around $90 new

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โˆ™ 2009-07-09 00:15:17
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Q: How do you fix a Honda civic with wiper motor that only runs on high?
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If the wipers of a 1998 Honda Civic EX are stuck on high how would you determine if it is the switch or the motor?

The wipers on my 1998 Honda Civic were stuck on low so I assumed it was the switch and replaced it, but the problem continued. The local Honda dealer told me that I should replace the motor, which I did, and the problem was fixed.

What kind of safety ratings did the Honda Civic receive in 2009?

The 2009 Honda Civic received high performance ratings. The 2009 Honda Civic is quiet and smooth riding and excellent on fuel. The 2009 Honda Civic was given outstanding safety ratings. The 2009 Honda Civic is one of the most reliable cars to buy.

What kinds of safety ratings does a Honda Civic car receive?

The Honda Civic has received very high safety ratings since its creation. It is safe, child friendly, up to date, modern, and takes you were you need to go. I highly recommend the Honda Civic.

What are the wiper motor wire colors for an S10?

The wire color for a windshield wiper motor in an S10 pickup that connects to the fuse is white. The high speed wire is purple, the low speed wire is gray.

What could be the noise coming from the dashhood of your 97 Honda Civic when the heat is turned on high?

If it's a grinding or howling sound, the heater blower motor bearing has probably dried up and ready to fail.

Why would the cooling fan not come on if the motor is not burned out on a 91 Honda Civic 1500?

the sensor that turns the fan on could be bad or the engine is not reaching a high enough temp to turn it on (about 215 degrees)

Where is the AC Receiver Drier loction on a 1995 Honda civic?

The AC receiver drier on a 1995 Honda Civic is on the high-pressure side of the system. It is between the expansion valve inlet and condenser outlet.

Why Wipers don't work on high?

Several possibilities are that: 1 the switch is bad on the high position. 2. There is a problem with the high speed wire from the switch to the motor. 3. The wiring inside of the wiper motor for the high speed is bad. The way 2 speed wiper motors work is there are separate windings inside the motor for low and high speeds. Usually 2 wires come out of the motor for low and high and the common ground through the wiper motor body to the chassis of the vehicle. You apply 12v to one wire and get low and 12v to the other one for high speed.

What would cause the wipers on a 92 grand marquis to only work when set to the highest level and then shut off?

the wiper motor is a basicly a relay switch with low mwdium and high and everything but high is burned out and if it works on high and shuts off you need a new wiper motor.

How do i fix my 1994 Chevrolet wipers work only on high?

You need to replace the wiper motor.

On your 1994 Honda Civic why don't your high beams work?

it could be your dimmer switch is getting bad

How do you get to the windshield wiper motor on a 1990 Toyota Pickup Truck?

The wiper motor is on the high side of the passenger firewall in the engine bay. It is silver and has a large black cylindrical shape piece on the side. It has 3 bolts securing it to the firewall and one nut on the backside securing the wiper linkage.

Intermittent wipers dont work 03' silhouette They work on high speed no other speed will work As soon as I take it off of the high speed the wipers will stop and not park Fuse is fine help?

The wiper motor can be replaced reasonably easy, however your particular problem is usually caused by the circuit board that controls the wiper motor and the delay cycles, retraction, etc. The board is also quite cheaper than the entire wiper motor. It is also called a wiper pulse or relay board and can be found online from around $25 and up. The electronic board plugs into the wiper motor, and the electric cable plugs into the circuit board.

What are some features of the 2013 Honda Civic sedan car?

Some of the features of the 2013 Honda Civic sedan car is a super fast powered air conditioner, heater, Bluetooth, usb port, high performance speakers and a powerful all season engine.

What is typical high mileage for a 1997 Honda civic?

I don't know the answer but I'm at 218k and it's still going strong.

What exactly is a Honda Civic?

Honda Civic is compact car model designed by Honda, a prestigious Japanese car manufacturer. Its size is larger than a small car but is not as big as a full-sized sedan. Typical mechanical performance would be on the low end for economical purposes. However, there are also high performance model available.

Your 1993 Honda civic idles high and low continiously between 500-1200 rpm any suggestions?

If the idle is erratic on a 1993 Honda Civic the IACV will need to be clean or replaced. The IACV controls the idle on the car and when it fails the car will not be able to maintain an idle.

What causes P0118 code on 1998 Honda civic?

Trouble code P0118 means:Engine coolant temperature circuit high input

What is the best thermostat for a Honda Civic 1996 ex coupe?

I would recommend you buy Stant brand. Very high quality.

Is there a wiper relay on a 2003 Honda Accord and if so where is it?

There are actually 3 relays on the 03 accord for the wiper system. Washer motor relay, Intermittent wiper relay, and windshield wiper High relay. The manual shows them to be located in the relay control module. There is two locations for relays in this accord with the first in the same location as the fuse box (above) it hidden behind the kick panel. There is another relay box under the hood close to battery. I do not know which box has the relays for the wipers, I will post back when I learn more.

How do you troubleshoot your wiper motor and switch or pulse board because it only works on high?

It may not be the power motor see if the motor is grounded look for a strap going to the top of the firewall it should look like a metal strap.Make sure it is tight and not broken. If this is not the problem then it may bne the reostate in the wiper control. If so see a garage or dealer.

How do i fix wipers on 2000 Toyota Camry that only works on low no intermittent or high?

There aren't any switches to check/replace i.e. wiper switch, wiper relay therefore it must be a bad motor.

What would cause a high pitched squealing noise in 1994 Honda Civic when turning left or right?

Power Steering pump my have a leak...

How high should i rev the engine for daily driving on a standard 2002 Honda civic 5 speed?

3-4 thousand rpms

How can you tell if it's your wiper blade motor or the switch on your steering wheel that's gone bad for your wipers to work only on high?

If the motor works on high, or any speed, then it's fine. Switches and resistors control speed and delay.