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It may have a leaking head gasket. Has the coolant level dropped and needed more antifreeze . If so check it with a pressure tester

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Q: How do you fix a Lincoln LS that blows out white smoke at start up?
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Just put new head gaskets in our 95 Chevy blazer now it blows out white smoke sometimes when we start it what causes this is it normal?

White smoke is from burning radiator fluent.

If an engine on 95 Lincoln Continental stalls and blows thick white smoke out tailpipe is it time to replace engine?

check the head gaskets before you replace motor

1998 Z24 Blows white smoke?

it means you are about to put a rod into your oil pan.

Why does a BMW hesitate and blows white smoke?

Most likely you have a blown head gasket.

My 1965 mustang 6 cylinder 200 engine starts running rough and the motor shakes at a stop and stalls out and then its hard to start and blows out white smoke when it does start?

If white smoke is coming out of the exhaust when the engine is warmed up , it sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder

Chevy 400 blows black smoke why?

it burns oil... ur rings might be bad or if its just when you first start than its ur o rings Black smoke indicates excessive fuel (flooding). Blue smoke indicates oil. White smoke indicates coolant.

What wrong with a 89 diesel 7.3 when it blows white smoke?

if a diesel blows white smoke, it is a good indication of a blown head gasket you have coolant getting into cylanders being 89 model i figure it doesnt have a turbo if a turbo is installed it can be a bad turbo

How do you fix white smoke from exhaust pipe of C280?

All cars blow white smoke when they are cold especially on a cold morning .Worst case scenario if it blows excessive white smoke all the time is a blown head gasket

What causes blue tinged white smoke only on first morning start but not blowing smoke after that?

Cold start

Your Nissan terrano 2.7TD wont start and only turns over and blows white smoke how do you start it?

well if I'm not mistaken, your engine is toast... white smoke usually means your blowing antifreeze through your engine... best advice? talk to your mechanic... least problem? might be a head gasket worst scenerio... cracked block... sorry....

Car that blows white smoke out tailpipe whats could be wrong?

sounds like you need a new head gasket

What causes white smoke when you start the car in the morning?


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