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How do you fix a Nintendo DS lite top screen?

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bring it to a shop and get it fixed

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with me i had to go to have it repaired. and where i went cost about £10 so dont completely worry :)

It is most likely due to a bad cable connecting the screen to the main board. The top screen must be replaced. Search youtube for how to change it and eBay for a new screen.

gamestop and if they cant fix it try amazon,best buy,ect. but i recommend gamestop

Send it to Nintendo or another authorized retailer. It will cost 60$, but hey, its worth it

There is nothing wrong when that happens. When you close the DS/Lite/I it goes into sleep mode, which is what you should do when away from the DS to save energy.

If a DS is dropped and its broken, the best thing that you can do is to send it to Nintendo. It depends on how badly broken it is. If the top screen came off from the bottom screen, there is a problem, but Nintendo can most likely fix it. If the whole system burst into pieces, you are better off buying a new one. I wouldn't chance Nintendo fixing it, as there could still be problems with it.

It works through nuclear reactions with the top screen and the bottom screen

well on Nintendo d.s's they are the small slit which is below the top screen XxNBPxX

tell the people at the store you got it from, and they will either fix it or replace it

you can get 50 dollars if it is in top condition. And 15 dollars if it has a smudge on the screen.

1) The Ds Lite isn't as heavy as the original 2) Lite has brighter screens 3) The Mic is located in the middle of the hinge for Lite 4) Stylus is thicker, longer, and located on the right side of the instead of the top 5) Comes in more colors 6) The Lite comes with a cover for the GBA slot 7) Smaller size makes the Lite more pocket friendly

On the bottom screen yes. On the top screen it will put the edges of the screen black since the ds games can't do widescreen.

Depends on what needs to be repaired top screen replacement $45 bottom screen replacement $45 touch screen replacement $30 Ds card slot replacement $30 L/R triggers not working $30 broken hinge/top case only $40 total case replacement $55

The Nintendo DS (Original) Styli are small and thin The Nintendo DS Lite Styli are slightly longer and thicker, with a larger 'head' at the top The Nintendo DSi Styli are even longer, about the same thickness with a smaller 'head' HOWEVER, the DS Lite styli are still meant to work with and fit in the DSi perfectly.

ok dude no offense but how do u not know how to use a Nintendo ds!! it really depends on the game but for ALL Nintendo ds games there is a touch screen that you use your stylus for but there is a top screen too but it is not as hard as you think otherwise it is like a GBA

The 3ds has a smaller screen and the bottom screen is about the same size as a normal DS and the top is widescreen so its sorta bigger. not as big as the XL though, but its bigger then the normal ds (:

Nope. Unfortunately, it will not. The battery as well as the information to start are stored in the top part.

The Normal DS has the stylus at the top, next to the Slot-1 The DS Lite and DSi have the stylus on the right hand side

Find where the short to ground is (this will involve tracing wires) and fix it.

of course not because wants thts tooken off, you may no longer turn it on or see the screen.

well if it ever happens and you want to erase it you press LR ABYX AT the same time when the Nintendo sighn comes on at the top screen with a red circle round it and the bottom screen should have grey writing

The slot to put the games in is on top of the bottom screen. It can be found by folding the two screens together and looking at the top.

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