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TAke it to an auto trim shop. To work on a sun roof and keep it from leaking is very hard.

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Q: How do you fix a Saturn SL2 sunroof that will only tilt up when you try to open it and sounds like a gear is stripped?
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98 Chevy Malibu sunroof motor runs but roof doesn't move - Any thoughts?

A gear is stripped or a cable is broken

Is there a manual closer on the sunroof mine is stuck open?

i worked at a Saturn dealership for a year in the parts dept and the only way to close the sunroof manually is to use the gear the motor drives. i can't remember but some or the sunroofs were direct drive som using the gear may not be an option.

How do you put a traxxas RC ' car in gear?

the transmission is always in gear. if its not there is probably a stripped gear in the transmission.

2005 dodge neon my sunroof is jammed. How do you fix it?

Check to see if the motor makes any noise like clicking., if that is the case, the gears on it are stripped and not grabbing the cables Have the same problem and I am looking to see if I can get just the gear. My motor is strong enough.

Why isn't minolta x 300 working Everything seemed to be fine but only one photo was made when i took the film to the camera salon?

It sounds like the film advance gear has stripped out.

Why does your window crank slip when you roll down your driver side front window on your 1991 Saturn SL2?

The window crank slips because the regulator gear has most likely stripped. You will need to remove the outer door panel to verify for sure but unless the crank is broken (It would fall off if it was) the regulator is stripped

What's wrong with power sunroof on 95 olds cutlass supreme can hear sunroof motor running but won't open?

I have the same problem.. I am going to be working on finding out the answer. Just gotta figure out how to get the headliner out. Its all pretty much out except the part that's attached at the sunroof Don't have the sunroof fixed yet, but have the headliner out. On mine there is a rubber strip that goes around the headliner/sunroof opening. You just pull that strip off then very carefully peel back the headliner material. My dad is a mechanic and said it sounds like a gear is stripped. He said that there could be a bigger gear and smaller gear. Haven't quite looked into that part yet. But if anyone else is having these problems and would like to keep up with me and my progress on it then e-mail me at I got the motor out and the motor and the little gear is all built in together so you just have to buy a new motor. Dealerships will probably cost about 330 dollars for a new one. I suggest looking around at a junk yard or finding a place that can rebuild them. I found a place that sells rebuilt ones and the guy told me 50 bucks. I get it this Tuesday Nov 18th 08.... so that's all I can help out with. When I had the motor out I hooked the switch back into it and I could hold the gear in place with my fingers.

How do you change oil filter on 1991 Toyota corolla?

repair stripped motorcycle gear shift

How do you repair a 2003 dodge neon sunroof?

I would like to know as well.... I have a 2001 dodge neon and I need to get to the mechanics of the sunroof but I dont know how to get to it.... On my sunroof everytime you try to close it, it just sound like the gear is just griding but it will open with no problem but does not close....

Where is the sunroof switch located on 1984 Porsche 944?

the switch.? shift in 1st gear and look in front of your hand on the shifter console. or the actual switch is behind the middle modesty cover on the inside sunroof

What would cause your car to lose first and second gear?

Stripped transmission, low transmission fluid.

Why won't your 1996 Legacy start or try to turn over just sounds an electrical buzz in engine with a new battery yet all electrical components works?

i believe the cause of this is a stripped starter gear, or the gears on your flywheel are shredded.

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