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Q: How do you fix a bad EIP value in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.0?
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What is Red Hat?

Red Hat is a Linux distributor currently focused on Linux for the Enterprise. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the most popular choices for Linux servers amongst enterprise customers.

What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux used for?

red hat enterprise Linux is used as a server while red hat Linux is used as client..

When was Red Hat Enterprise Linux created?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux was created on 2003-03-31.

Is Red Hat Enterprise Linux a Linux distribution?


Was Red Hat Enterprise Linux the slang name for Linux?

No. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is simply a commercial Linux distribution primarily used for servers. It was never a nickname for Linux itself.

What file system does Red Hat Enterprise Linux use?

ext3 is the default file system for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

What is the difference between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Kubuntu?

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux is developed by Red Hat. Kubuntu is developed by Canonical. * Red Hat Enterprise Linux uses the GNOME interface by default. Kubuntu uses KDE. * Red Hat Enterprise Linux uses the RPM format for package management. Kubuntu uses DEB.

What is the name of OS for Linux Red hat?

Initially it was just called "Red Hat Linux", but now Red Hat focuses exclusively on the enterprise market with its Linux distribution named "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" (RHEL) with the community version named CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) and Fedora (a Red Hat-supported community Linux distribution)

Where can you download Red Hat Enterprise Linux?


What are some of the most popular commercial Linux distributions?

Red Hat Enterprise LinuxSUSE Enterprise LinuxUbuntuXandrosTurbolinuxMadrivaLinpusYellow Dog Linux

Who created Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Red Hat, Inc. is a company that rebrands, supports and distributes the GNU Linux operating system, along with their own enhancements. One of their product lines is called Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Is Red Hat Enterprise Linux an operating system?


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