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My husband and I fixed ours on a 1985 Toyota corolla. There is a blower motor which was located under/ behind glove compartment, we bought a used one from a junk yard switched then and we had our vents back.

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Q: How do you fix a car's dash vents if they do not seem to work?
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Why won't the dash vents work in my 95 Chevy Camaro but floor vent and defrost vent work fine?

the ducts can not be hooked up for the vents to work

2002 Chevy astro van The ac works good but no air comes out of the middle ducts of the dash Could this be a blockage or is there a motor that works that vent only The other vents seem to work fine.?

The most likely cause is the hoses to the center vents coming loose. Feel under the dash to see if cold air is blowing, and look to see if you can see the back of the vents to insure the hoses are connected.

Why do you not have air flow from the dash vents on a 2002 Mercury Sable when the defrost and floor vents work fine?

Your most likely issue is a bad hvac control switch. On older cars, this was operated by vacumm pressure, but on a 2002, it is all electrical. It may be that you need to replace the whole control unit.

Why does the air no longer blow out the dash vents on a 2000 Cadillac while the floor vents work fine?

The selector mechanism needs repair or the doors inside the vent are jammed.

Can a vacuum leak cause a blend door to not work?

Most temp blend doors have an electric actuator. The defroster, dash vents and floor vents are usually run by vacuum.

Why won't the dash vents work on my 1995 Chevy Camaro but floor vents and defrost vent work fine?

When there is a problem with the vent system it dfaults to the defrost setting. Sounds like you have a problem in the doors that direct the air flow.

Why won't the dash vents work on my 99 Subaru but floor vents and defrost vents work fine?

most of these door systems are vacuum controlled...but a pencil or object stuck internally can also be the cause, and not often easy to fix...for the vacuum system you can find specs and routing at the local library... check all the vacuum lines on the engine, and listen for vacuum hissing under the dash...good luck..:)

On a 1995 Gmc sierra truck why does the air conditioning vents on dash work in every mode except cold air cold air will only blow out from floor vents?

The a/c - heater controller is out...........

Why does your middle vents on your 97 Honda accord does not work but the corner vents work fine?

The vent tube has become disconnected under the dash. You'll need to remove the stereo and heater control panel to gain access. Reconnect the hose and put everything back together.

How do you fix a Honda accord's dash vents if they wont work?

it would depend on the year of the accord. Does the defrost work or the heat in the floor work if so the line for swapping control is either broke or has come off. you can check the lower side by looking in the drivers side under the dash.

Why is there no air flow out of the defroster on a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 while the dash and floor vents work fine?

either faulty switch on dash, acutators inside the dash, or broken doors or plastic inside of dash.... common problem on the 2002-2004 or 2005 there was a total dash replacement kit it change out the broken plastic pieces inside the dash

How does a temperature control feature in a car work?

Cars with an Automatic Temperature Control system have a thermometer in the dash console with little vents to allow air to come in. The thermometer temperature reading is then used to control the fan speed and also the air mix (temperature) to match the temperature selected....

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