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Check/change the fuse associated with the blinkers.

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Can you legally sale a car with no working brake or blinker?

Yes, but the buyer must be informed.

Where is the blinker fuse located on a 96 Chevy cavalier The fuses inside the car are fine the blinkers don't come on in the car?

The fuse for the blinker of a 96 Cavalier should be in the fuse box inside of the car. A more likely cause would be the flasher, located under the drivers side of the dash.

What are the hazards of buying a cheap car?

A cheap car may be used, have less safety features still working, be dangerous in general.

Why do the left blinker lights not work while the right ones do on my 1992 Lincoln Town Car?

I had this same problem with my 1994 Town Car. After closely looking (the third time) at all the lamps I finally found one that wasn't working. I found it by turning on the hazards. The tail lights have two bulbs, top and bottom. It isn't obvious that one is out when you just turn the blinker on and look, but if you turn on the hazard flashers you can compare left and right to make sure that both sides are balanced. If that doesn't do it, it could still be the flasher relay module, other bulbs, or the switch on the column. But be sure to check ALL the bulbs first. The Town Car has about 4 bulbs on each side which flash with the blinker.

What if your right turn blinker on 1999 Tahoe is not working and it is not the bulbs?

You might have a short. You would need to take you car in to a shop to find they short. They can be very difficult to locate.

Who is the inventor of the car blinker?

Albert Peterson. He sold it to Ford.

What is causing a 1996 Acura integra from starting if battery is working fine fuel pump is working and car is cranking?

replace the distibuter

Can you name some car pieces?

Muffler bearings, blinker fluid,

What does it mean when speedometer goes crazy but everything else is working fine?

it means the circuit of car is short........

How do you change out a blinker relay on a 1989 caprice?

Turn the car to the off position, remove the blinker relay. Put in the new relay, secure Êit into its outlet, close the relay box, and turn the car on.Ê

What to do when you car stall at the lights?

Put your hazards on then restate the car and be off.

Does pee in gas ruin a motor?

No it doesnt- my granpa peed in his car to get it working and it's fine. (If a little smelly!!)

What are the health hazards of car fresheners?

The health hazards of car fresheners are debatable, and there is no solid evidence that they exist. What is suspected, is that they may cause developmental and reproductive problems.

What are some outdoor potential hazards?

car crash

My car won't start the battery seems fine the fan and belts are working but the car will not turn over?

Maybe try the starter or the clyinide. Hope I could help.

You recently drove your car it was working fine until you heard a funny noise and the check engine light came on when you got some advice you were told the lifters are not working right im concerened?

Describe funny and what type of car.

You turned right out of a parking lot blinker on and a car pulled up on your right next to you and hit your car Who is at fault?

Generally speaking, you can not pull out of a parking lot into on coming traffic. The on coming traffic most always will have the right away, regardless of your blinker!

All of a sudden the power windows in your 2005 Chevy Impala stopped working everything else in the car is working fine except for that what is the problem?

Fuses or the power window relays.

How do you put new blinker bulbs on a 1997 infinity i30?

Get a light insert it in the car! obvious

Is it ok to drive a car with low compression?

depends if your blinker fluid is full then heck yea

Ford Expedition 2001 head light replacement?

My headlights are not working after going thru a car wash. Bulbs and fuses fine.

Where is the function flasher in a car?

It makes the signals and the hazards flash.

Do i have to get the abs fixed if my brakes still work fine?

Yes, if you have a feature built as part of the car it needs to be in working order to be legal to drive.

Is a broken or disconnected accelerator cable a likely cause of accelerator suddenly not working but engine is running fine?

Yes, a broken or disconnected accelerator cable is the likely cause for the accelerator pedal to quit working. The car will still run fine but will not be able to accelerate past idle.

What is the fine for no car insurance in Canada?

What is the fine for no insurance