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How do you fix a car that has broken down in a flooded street?

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βˆ™ 2009-06-11 15:10:45

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with great difficulty imagine...Scuba gear perhaps?

2009-06-11 15:10:45
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What is called when you are driving through a flooded street and the car starts to skid of the road?


What does your car has broken down mean?

It means your engine no longer runs, and that you can no longer drive your car because it will not move. It has stopped running. It has broken down.

Is a broken down car parked?

Well if the cars' motor stops then yes it could be considered broken down

What is a car dolly?

It is a truck that carries a broken down car to a dealership to fix.

Where should you wait if your car has broken down?

If your car were to break down down down down down like jay sean . you should pull your car over and wait there CAPTAIN OBVIOUS ! ! ! !

I looking for vin check up for car whether it was flooded or not?

I am looking for a vin check up fro a car whether it was flooded or not flooded check up

Is there a cover you can buy for your car if it is broken down?

Large car covers can be purchased for any type of car - running or broken down. These can be bought at auto stores or ordered online. Also, a large tarp could be used to cover a car in an emergency.

What are the symptoms of a broken drive shaft?

The drive shaft falls into the street. Before that the car shakes.

A tow truck is example of what?

Help, Hope when your car is broken down

Does a flooded car work?

It wont start

What does car hopping mean?

Car hopping is the act of walking down a street, usually at night, and casually checking every car on the street to see if it is unlocked. If a car is found unlocked the car hopper searches the car for valuables to steal.

Is an old broken-down car sometimes called a jocular?


Who would drive a car and display a help pennant when broken down?


What is the adjective in the following sentence the car moved very slowly down the street stopping at every light?

What is the adjective in the following sentence? The car moved very slowly down the street, stopping at every light.

What do you do if you flooded your car?

shoot a hole in the bottom of the car like in top gear.

What are the defining features of a Pro Street car?

A Pro Street Car is similar to a drag racing car but it is legal to drive on the streets. They are not stripped down and only the back end is modified with large wheels.

Why does your 1996 town car shake when im slowing down?

probably nearly broken

What would cause car not to start?

No fuel No spark No compression Flooded Dead battery Bad starter Loose/dirty battery connections Broken timing belt Water in fuel

What is a street car?

A car that drives on the street

What the procedure of any car to get by your bank?

Drive down the street your bank is located on and then go by it.

What is a real life example of Netrualization?

An example is if a car is coming down the street the nutrilizer in the car is running at a certain speed until the car turns

What does the phrase 'the car sped' mean?

'The car sped' is using the past tense of speed. The car was speeding down the street, so the car sped.

How long can you leave your broken-down car on the freeway before it will be removed?

four hours

Who can help you to get home?

taxy bus friend if broken down a brakedown truck or hire car

When a car is broken down and your only choice is to cross a double line what do you do?

If the vehicle is broken down in the roadway and obstructing traffic, you may pass it after ascertaining that by doing so you will not interfere with oncoming traffic.