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How do you fix a cigarette lighter on a 1998 VW Golf?



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another thought!! do u mean replace or fix?? i will give u the quick fix. you'r cig lighter is powerd by your radio. in the back of your radio there is a fuse u can check that to see it there is power by replaceing the fuse if bad. without taking your stero out u can tell by the door buzzer. it is connected to the same circuit also.if u have power there i would look at the heating element itself if it looks old,rusty,or out of shape it might not be gitting a good connection in which case u will need to buy a new element. CHEERS AND GOODLUCK!! First pull out the ash tray,then unscrew the star nut,pull out all the bits and pull off the electrical connector.the order new parts from vw.i recently replaced the bulb, glowing bits,lighter and lighter holder,it doesnt come out without breaking but the new parts all click in like new and costs about 17squid.