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They make replacements that are split in half, but they aren't generally recommended. What's best (unfortunately) is to remove the shaft and replace it with a stock cv boot. If the cv boot has been open to the elements for a while, damage in the cv joint might have occured.

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Q: How do you fix a cv boot for a 1993 Ford Escort?
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You gotta tell us what's wrong first.

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These belts are not repairable. When worn, replace with a new one.

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po500 po340 po190 code 98 excort

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All you have to do is put it in gear and give it gas until it brakes loose. That's what i had to do with my 98 escort.

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Put some fuel injector cleaner in a tank of fuel. Replace the fuel filter and fix any vacuum leaks.

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How do you fix a 97 Ford Escort with an O2 sensor circuit that has low voltage?

Sounds like you need a new 02 sensor.

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its at the bottom of the tranni its a pain in the a** to change because you have to take out the whole tranni to fix or replace it.

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How TO Fix What if your Parking Brake if its stuck on a ford escort?

To fix the parking brake on the Escort, you need to find the problem. Make sure that the brake control in the car is releasing, then check the cables for any kinks or sticking spots. Check the cables at the brakes to see if the mechanism is stuck.