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Before you go too far assuming the distributor is At Fault, start the engine and remove the oil fill cap.

If you get a lot of air coming out, it may be what's called "blow by". That is often the result of not changing the oil on schedule. The rings become trapped in oil "sludge" and end up failing to provide an adequate seal. When that happens, combustion gasses leak past the cylinders and into the crankcase. The combustion gasses can end up creating enough pressure that it pushes oil vapor out any opening, including the distributor shaft or the rear main seal. Without that blowby pressure, the oil will not be able to make it up that distributor shaft and leak out.

IF you found oil inside the distributor most likely it coming from the seal on the shaft of the distributor. To fix this problem you will have to replace the distributor sub assy.

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Q: How do you fix a distributor oil leak on a 1990 Honda Accord?
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Why does you 1990 Honda Accord shake when you are at a light?

Engine miss at idle. Can be caused by vacuum leak.

Why does your 1997 Honda accord run out of oil but there is no leak?

If you have no leak it is burning oil.

1991 Honda Accord overheating?

A 1991 Honda Accord could be overheating if the radiator has a leak. There could also be a problem with the head gasket.

How do you fix a oil leak at the distributor on a 1990 Honda Civic LX 15 ltr?

Answerbuy an o ring if it has gone over 250 miles

How do you stop oil puddling on Honda Accord?

Find the leak and have it repaired.

What would cause a gas leak on your Honda 1994 accord lx?

A small hole in the fuse line would cause a gas leak on a 1994 Honda Accord LX. In addition, a hole in the actual fuel tank would cause a leak.

Water leak in the trunk of a 1991 Honda Accord?

I had the same problem with my 1992 Accord. Replacement of the trunk lid gasket fixed the leak, but I had to special order the gasket from a dealer.

Transmission leaking on a Honda accord ex how do you fix leak?

how can i check the transmmission fluid?

How do you fix a water leak on a Honda Accord?

Depends on what and where it is leaking. Need more information.

Where is he oil pressure switch on a 1988 Honda Accord?

trying rack down a leak

Why is my 1999 honda accord overheating?

Reasons your 1999 Honda Accord is overheating can include a leak in the water hose, a blown head gasket, or the radiator cap needs to be replaced.

Why does your Honda Accord backfire?

bad plugs or wires i just had this problem to or it could be a leak in the exhaust

Why does your 1995 Honda accord have an oil leak after radiator change?

The jacking point was the oil pan?

Why do Honda Accord spill oil?

They don't and this is very uncommon. If yours does it has a leak. Find and repair.

How many pounds of freon for a 1997 Honda Accord se?

There is no Freon in a 1997 Honda Accord. It contains R134a refrigerant. If it is low of refrigerant you have a leak. It is illegal to add refrigerant to any system with a leak without first repairing the leak. The professional who repairs the leak will recharge the system and check to make sure there is sufficient oil in the system. Not a repair for a novice.

How much R134 does your 2000 Honda Accord require?

Enough to recharge the system after the leak is repaired and no more.

What can be done to fix a radiator leak on a 1991 Honda accord?


Oil leak sealant for 1992 Honda accords?

There are several types of oil leak sealant for a 1992 Honda Accord. A few of the sealants that can be used are Bar Leak's seal repair, Lucas Oil, and Blue Devil oil leak sealant.

Oil is leaking from drivers side of engine in a Honda 1998 accord?

If oil is leaking from the riverside of a 1998 Honda Accord the vehicle may be experiencing a front seal leak. The main front seal is located on the crankshaft of the engine.

What is wrong with a 1991 Honda accord that idles rough?

If the plugs, plug wires, are good then suspect a vacuum leak somewhere.

Where is the most probable location of an antifreeze leak on a 1997 Honda Accord the leak is pure antifreeze from the front passenger side under the car next to the tire?

water pump

How long will a 2002 Honda accord last with a transmission leak?

Indefinitely. Longer if you get the leak fixed sooner than later and never let the fluid level get too low.

What causes an oil leak in a 2000 Honda accord ex four cylinder car?

I don't know but I just took my 2000 Honda with serious oil leak to the passager side near the front wheel. any suggestions? I had a mechanic replace an 0 ring but that did not stop the leak.

1988 Honda Accord brake pedal too low?

Its becaue the slave cylinder is has a leak, and pressure is lost when you press on the brakes.

How do you repair a check Engine code P1456 Evap Emission Control Sys leak on 1998 Honda Accord?

Take it to the mechanic