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How do you fix a dog's dislocated leg?

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You do absolutely nothing other than taking it to a vet.

You are not a veterinarian, you have no idea if it is actually dislocated.

The leg could be broken. The bone might have split. The socket could have cracked. And so on.

If you attempt to "fix" what seems to be a dislocated leg on your dog and it turns out to actually be a split bone, you could internally shred his veins with the sharp bone fragments and cause him to bleed to death in a matter of minutes.

Take the dog to a vet to be looked at professionally. The vet may need to do an x-ray.

The treatment options depend on where the dislocation is (top, knee or ankle), how it's dislocated and if there is any other bone damage. The dog may need surgery, the dog may need to be anaesthetised for his and the vet's safety, the dog may need to be shaved and have a numbing substance sprayed on his skin to freeze the nerves and so on.


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Since your animal is in pain, I would consult with a vet A.S.A.P. Only a professional can help. They will probably give your dog muscle relaxers or even "freeze" the joint with an injection in order to "fix" the joint. I always use the adage "If it was a child, what would I need my parent(you) to do?" Help your beloved pet. If you cannot afford this service, call around to other vets, make payment plans, offer a trade of some sort to a neighbor in exchange for a $$$ donation. Be creative and find ANY way to help your pet. Thanks
If your dogs leg is dislocated to him to an animal hospital immediately so he can get proper treatment.

2015-09-24 22:02:50
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Q: How do you fix a dog's dislocated leg?
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How much would it cost to fix a dogs dislocated leg?

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How do you fix a dislocated chickens leg?

There are a couple of ways to fix a dislocated chicken leg. The best way is to take it to a vet.

How do you fix your dogs shoulder if he dislocated it?

A dislocated dog shoulder can easily be fixed by taking them to a veterinarian.

Dislocated dog leg?

A dislocated dog leg should be checked out by a veterinarian. The vet may be able to get it back into place manually, the leg will then be wrapped.

How do you fix your small dogs broken leg?

Head to the vet ASAP!

Can you fix a dogs dislocated hip at home?

That depends what is wrong with the hip. Even if it is something minor, I suggest taking the animal to a hospital asap

How do you fix a dogs broken leg?

take it to the vet. they are specially trained to do things like that.

How do you fix a dogs hip if its dislocated?

Fixing the dislocated hip of a canine is not something a pet owner can do safely. Trying to do so without experience very likely will cause more problems and suffering for the dog than help it. Take the dog to a vet.

Is it possible to fix a broken or dislocated jaw using a toilet?

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How do you fix a dislocated knee?

You go to the doctor, he drugs you up, then he pops it back in place.

What are symptoms of dislocated hip in dog?

If you think that the hip is dislocated, then the dog needs to be at the vet. Would you want to be laying around with YOUR hip dislocated? If the leg is not bothering him with applied pressure, the chances are slim that it's dislocated. Unless it's a very slight dislocation or it's just not seated right. If my dog had been limping for a day, waiting another day would not be an option. Dogs limp because they are in pain - not for fun. My dog would be at an emergency vet getting pain meds and a diagnosis.

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Is my 5 month old puppy's leg dislocated if she is limping on her right hind leg but when I felt her leg all over and applied pressure she didn't whine but when I pull her leg out she does?

A puppy's leg may not be dislocated if you don't feel anything out of place and it looks normal, but it may still be injured. Your puppy may just have a sore muscle, but she may also have a broken bone or other damage. Take her to a veterinarian if she continues to limp.

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