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The hook portion or the latch is probably flipped up. If you lift the exterior handle up and take a pen or reasonable facsimile, you can flip it back. Post your results.

Should someone "accidently" push down the latch, which freezes, the door won't latch or close. Pulling the outside door handle and using the pen or straight tool at the same time will release all latches!!

If the latch is flipped down, as it was on my 2000 Pontiac Firebird, then simply lifting the inner or outer latch handle may not work. My car has power door locks and I could not get the latch to release no matter how many times I cycled the lock/unlock switch. I found that I had to unlock the door with the key first, then lifting the handle worked! I don't know how the latch got "thrown" initially, but I found the seatbelt buckle stuck in the doorjamb, and I had locked the car using the keychain fob. My point is this: It will help to try and figure out what was occurring when the problem might have happened. , and Good Luck!

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Q: How do you fix a door lock latch that doesn't lock?
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How can you fix a rear door lock on your 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee it squeals as it locks?

The door latch will need replaced.

Your interior door latch on your 1997 Chevy silverado is not releasing the latch How do you fix?

Replace the door latch.

How to fix a trunk latch stuck open The gas cap door latch is also stuck open?

To fix a trunk latch that is stuck open, the teeth on the lock may have to be adjusted so the trunk will close. It is also possible that the cable for the trunk latch is broken. To fix the gas cap door latch may require a little bending and adjusting with a pair of pliers.

How do I fix a car door that will not close?

I will assume you mean it will not latch. If the lock hasn't been damaged it's probably just dry. Spray the latch where you can see it in the edge of the door with a spray lubricant such as WD40.

If your car door handle will not open or unlock from the outside how do you fix it?

remove enter door panel. check the latch rod from handle to keeper spring latch (lock). either bent or detached. end.

How do you fix the driver door that will not open from inside on a 1993 Dodge Caravan?

Hi. I've had this problem with our van. You will have to remove the inside door panel. The rod going from the handle to the door latch has come loose. There is a plastic lock that holds the rod to the door latch. Your auto bodyshop should have this plastic lock. Good Luck

How do you fix a car door lock that will open but not lock from the outside?

First remove the Door panel on the vehicle and make sure any of the lock or handle rods are not broken or diaconected. Secondly if that's not the problem you may have a broken door latch. Price varies per brand name on parts but it should not be a huge fix.

How do you fix inside driver's side door latch on a Chrysler 300m?

To fix the 300m latch, you will need to remove the inner door panel. After the door panel has been removed, then you can check the door latch components to determine what has broken and how to best repair it.

How do you fix the door handle to a bedroom door that won't lock because the wall is damaged where the door locks?

When a door latch doesn't click into position, it usually means the latch and the strike plate are out of alignment. Tighten its hinge screws, then try adjusting the strike plate by loosening its screws and shifting it slightly.Try to put a wood into the damaged door space so you can lock the door.

On 1998 Monte Carlo Z34 the drivers side door wont stay shut Its not that the latch is down and needs to be flipped up the latch wont lock into place when the door shuts What can you do to fix this?

Try spraying the latch mechanism with WD-40. Work the latch a few times and then spray it again.

How do you replace door latch on the Driver Side door?

i dont know how to fix it so you tell me how to fix it

Passenger door latch is stuck closed and the passenger door will not close How can you fix this problem?

you just have to push up on the latch

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