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Either replace the lock or disassemble it for manual repair.

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Q: How do you fix a door lock that will not lock at all?
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Can lock motors be changed from drivers door to passengers door on a r reg mondeo?

drivers door will not lock without the key all other doors work fine. All i want to know is how to fix it.

How do I fix the Passenger electric door lock on 2002 Mustang?

how do I fix a electric door on a ford mustang

How do you fix a lock relay on a 1994 Honda accord ex?

You don't fix it, you replace the door lock actuator.

How do you fix a car door lock that does not open from the inside?

Remove the door panel, find and repair the lock linkgage.

How do i fix the door lock on all doors on a 95 Yukon?

A new central locking pump is needed.

What if driver side door lock doesn't work?

fix it

How to replace a door lock mechanism on a Mercedes c180?

door mech fix c180

Why can everything open my door lock even a penny can open it. how do you fix it?

buy a new lock

How do you fix the locks on a 1999 Gmc Denali that won't lock at all?

Depends on what part of the locks are not working.. the remote?, the lock button?, a certain door?, the manual lock slider?

How do you engage power locks on 1990 Volvo 240?

The power locks can only be engaged from the driver's door. You press down on the door lock on the driver's door and it will lock all the doors. Or you turn the key in the lock to the right in the door lock of the driver's door and it will lock all of the doors.

How can i fix a 1999 Mercury Cougar door lock?

The door lock, on your 1999 Mercury cougar, can be replaced by removing the inside door panel. The locking mechanism is easily visible and can be changed.

Where door switch 2001 Lincoln ls?

you mean open door sensor? inside the lock.. loads of fun to fix it... better to buy new lock

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