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How do you fix a driver side seat belt light that blinks even when you are wearing your seat belt?


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the receiver for the belt has a sensor. if it fails the light will continue to flash even though the belt is buckled. replace it!


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The safety belt alert light alerts the driver when the driver or any other passengers in the vehicle do not have their safety belt on when the car is on.

dont know what state your in but in cali who ever is not wearing the seat belt gets the ticket

the driver because that is the one who is driving

A ticket in Wisconsin for not wearing your seat belt is $10.00 for each individual. The ticket can apply to the driver, passenger, and rear seat riders not wearing a seat belt.

It is a warning that you or your passenger sitting in the front seat is not wearing a seat belt.

The fine is assessed to the driver, but anybody could pay it.

Check under the seat and see if the wires are unhooked or broken.

It depends on the law of the state in which you are driving. Some states have laws that require that seat belts be used but do not make non-use a violation in and of itself to allow a police officer to stop the driver for that alone. If the driver is stopped for some other offense, like speeding, the driver will get a ticket for not using the seat belt. Other states have laws that make not using a seat belt a violation in and of itself for purposes of allowing a police office to stop the driver. In that case, a driver may be stopped and issued a ticket for not wearing a seat belt even if there is no other violation involved.

yes because he is old enough to take responsibility for there actions

In the state of Ohio, all front seat passengers and the driver must wear a seat belt while the vehicle is moving. In Butler County, a driver can be fined $30 and a passenger $20 for no seat belt.

If wearing the seat belt properly, then no a passenger should not hit the windshield.If wearing the seat belt properly, then no a passenger should not hit the windshield.

Seat belt laws require that the belt be worn as designed. If you were not wearing the belt properly, you committed a violation.

The fine for not wearing a seat belt in Georgia is $15.00.

if he hasn't got pulled over b4, probably just give him a warning

if the passenger has a drivers license he gets the ticket but if he hasnt had a drivers license the driver gets the ticket.

Yes, you can be stopped for not wearing a seat belt anywhere. It's the law, mister (or miss).

As inertia is a tendency to do nothing, not wearing a seat belt (in a stationary vehicle?) will have little affect. Only if the vehicle is moving and suddenly stop, does wearing a seat belt become essential.

You can get a ticket for not wearing your seat belt, but I don't see how you could get arrested for wearing it.

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