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The only fix for a leaking heater core is to replace it.

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Q: How do you fix a heater core?
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How do you fix a 1986 Buick riviera heater core?

Not practical to try to fix a heater core. Replace it with a new one.

How do you fix the heater core in a 94 geo?

You cannot fix or repair a heater core you must replace the complete unit with a new one...........

How do you fix the heater core?

fixing a heater core requires replacing heater core not knowing what vehicle you are asking about, that's all the information i can give

How do you fix heater core in 2000 new beetle?

In order to probably repair the heater core in your 2000 New Beetle, you will probably have to get the entire heater core replaced.

Where is the heater core located on a 2000 Concorde and how can you fix it?

The heater core is underneath the dash in the middle section right behind the console. You can fix it by removing the dash.

Your heater blows cold in your Lincoln?

COULD BE A BAD HEATER CORE COULD BE A BAD HEATER CORE sounds like the heater control switch needs replacing.if that doesnt fix it, you need new heater core

How do you replace a heater core on a 1991 Camry wAC or is it insane to try for a backyard mechanic?

how to fix 92 camary heater core

How do you replace a heater core in a 1998 Ford Ranger manual transmission 2wd?

Take it to a mechanic and say "will you fix the heater core?"

How do you fix your heater core hoses?

put new ones on

How hard is it and how do you fix a 1986 Ford Thunderbird heater core that is blowing steam even when the heat is off?

Replace the heater core. It is leaking.

Is it easy too fix the heater core in a 2000 ford windstar?

no no

How do you fix a 1992 Toyota 4runner heater core?

How do you bleed the heater after changing coolant in a 1992 4runner

Why would the AC vents be smoking?

The heater core or air conditioning core is broken and leaking fluid into the heating unit. simple to fix. just install a new heater core.

How do you fix jaguar s type heater?

To fix a Jaguar S type heater, check the diverter mechanism. It shunts air through the heater core, which may not be operating properly.

Your 1993 achieva is pouring coolant through a drain from an ac line close to the heater core If you bypass the heater core will it fix the problem without harming the ac?

Yes, but you will have no heat. Your heater core is leaking and needs replacing.

How do you fix heater on 2000 grand marquis?

is your heater core bad or thermostat bad need more details

How do you change a heater core on a 2003 Mazda tribute?

The heater on the 03 Mazda Tribute is going in and out. What is the problem and how can it be fix?

How do you fix the heater core in a 92 Pontiac Sunbird?

I would suggest replacing it.

How do you fix a car heater that blows cold air?

Check coolant level? Heater core plugged or restricted? Heater core airbound? Bad thermostat? Water pump not circulating coolant? Heater control cable not adjusted properly?

How much to fix leak in the heater core?

I don't recommend fixing a leaky heater core. Replacing with a new one is your best bet. Heater cores sell for aprox $40 and labor depends on the vehicle.

How do you fix a leaky heater core in a 1996 ford ranger?

Replace it with a new one.

How do you replace the heater core on a Chevy spectrum?

Why would you fix a Chevy Spectrum? lol!

Where is the heater core on a Dodge Dakota 1998 Sport?

This is my son-in-laws truck. I have to fix it

How do you fix a heater core leak in an 81 GMC suburban 350V8?

The core will need to be replaced.Don't waste time trying to repair an old core.

How do you get warmer air to Cherokee heater?

Air flows through the heater core to warm it up. Assuming the heater core is circulating water from the radiator, the problem is usually with the blend doors. These doors regulate air flow through the heater core and when they break, they usually block the input into the heater core and kill the heat. Check for diagnostic information and an inexpensive fix.