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The core will need to be replaced.Don't waste time trying to repair an old core.

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Q: How do you fix a heater core leak in an 81 GMC suburban 350V8?
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Why does my2003 suburban have a water leak some where in the front end on both the driver side and passenger side?

You may need to check the hoses connected to your heater core. Or you may have sprung a leak in your heater core.

Why do i not have heat new thermostat No leak at heater core?

Heater core could be clogged.

Where would a heater core leak in a 03 Chrysler Sebring?

At the heater core itself.

Why would hot steam blow from the heater vents?

Leak in heater core. Replace core.

2000 Toyota MR2 heater will not get warm?

You may have a clogged heater core, or a leak in the system somewhere. Take your car to a mechanic who can replace the heater core or diagnose the leak.

Why does 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan v-6 leak antifreeze when heater is turned on?

The heater core or a hose to the heater core has a leak. Hopefully it's a hose under the hood because it's a very involved process to get the heater core out.

What causes the heater core to leak?


Why is coolant leaking from the heater drain line on the engine firewall of a Pontiac sunfire?

heater core has a leak replace heater core

Is it normal for water to drip out of the bottom of the heater core housing or do you have a leak?

No, it's not normal. You have a leak in the heater core or may just be connections to heater core. If left untreated, it will soak into your rug and eventually cause your floor to rot.

What are causes of Coolant leak?

Broken or split hose Radiator leak heater core leak

How to repair Heater core leak 2001 kia sepia?

you can try radiator leak stopper, but i would just replace heater core .,eally cannot be repaired.

Is there oil in a heater core that can leak under the dash?

not any oil in your heater core although the heater core uses coolant coming from and returning to the engine so when damaged or being worked on coolant can leak under the dash and into the floor

What does it mean when you smell antifreeze?

heater core leak

Why is there a smell of antifreeze through the vents but car is not overheating?

Check for a line leak to your heater core or a leak in the heater core it self. Usually it is under the dash on passinger side.

Why does Antifreeze leak when i run heat in my 2003 intrepid?

You probably have a leak in the heater core.

Where is the heater core on 1994 BMW 530i?

On the 1994 BMW 530i, the heater core is located under the dash in the engine compartment. You know the heater core is bad when it starts to leak.

What are the signs of a bad heater core in 98 ford expedition?

The most common signs of a bad heater core are; no heat or fluid leaking into the passenger compartment. The heater core can have a leak or it can be plugged.

Does a bad heater core leak if the car is not running?


Why does your 94 escort leak in the interior?

Ruptured heater core.

Will stop leak plug the heater core on a Chrysler Sebring?

It can.

Why does the anti-freeze leak through the vents on a 96 Chrysler lhs?

Check the heater core, it is probably bad. It could be heater hose connections to the heater core, but I would bet on the heater core going bad.

Car fogs the frost the inside of the windows when the heater is on?

Could be heater core is starting to leak

Why do you have antifreeze on the floor of your 2000 s70?

Your heater core may have a leak.

What can cause an antifreeze leak in the drivers side floorboard?

heater core

Where is a water leak 2005 Tahoe behind glovebox?

Heater core