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Oh man! You better be prepared to have appx. 8 hrs of spare time because this is going to take you a while. In order to replace the heater core you must take off your entire dashboard as well as deactivate the airbags. Detailed info on how to deactivate them can be found in a Chilton's manual. Good luck!

The HVAC system is basically the same in the Navigator and the Expedition and F150. All three models have a common problem with the blend door failing and causing a lack of control over the air flow through the heater core. Replacing the heater core isn't necessary unless you are smelling antifreeze in the passenger compartment and losing coolant from the radiator. Replacing the heater core or OEM blend door requires removal of the steering wheel/steering column/dash panel to get access to the plenum box and is a major operation. There is an aftermarket kit that will allow you to effect a repair of the blend door without having to disassembly the dash. Check links through my bio page for additional information including a video of the diagnosis/repair process.

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Q: How do you fix a heater on a 1998 Lincoln Navigator?
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