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Take it to a radiator shop or purchase a new one. I agree, and will go even farther. I would replace the radiator unless there was considerable savings in repairing it. The repair is only as good as the person doing it.

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Q: How do you fix a hole in the middle radiator?
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How do you fix a big hole in your radiator?


How do you fix 98 dodge durango running hot?

broken thermostat; blocked hose to radiator or hole in hose; leak in radiator; etc..

What can be done to fix a radiator leak on a 1991 Honda accord?


What happens if you have a hole in your radiator?

Your car will leak anti-freeze/coolant. If you run out of fluid in your radiator then your car will overheat in a short period and cause much more damage. Fix your radiator!

How do you fix a hole in the radiator?

I owned a Porsche 944 Turbo, had a large hole in the top of the radiator. Look into a product called Waterweld, sold at local hardware stores, automotive, etc. I drove the car on 500 mile trips, no problems

How to fix Hole in rear bosal muffler 93 Honda civic cx?

i have a hole in my muffler right in the middle of the muffler how can i cover it

What causes radiator leaks?

a hole in the radiator

How do you fix a hole in the air condioning rad o a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

Call in the pros. I'd take it to a radiator shop.

What parts are needed to fix the radiator in a car?

The parts that are needed to fix a car radiator depends on what is wrong with the radiator. It would be best to have the radiator fixed by a professional.

How do you fix a hole in pants?

You can fix a hole in pants by sewing the hole closed with a needle and thread.

How do fix a radiator?

The first step that you can take to fix a radiator is to see if it needs to be bled. To bleed a radiator you will need a radiator bleed key. Unscrew the valve at the side of the radiator and when the first drop of water comes out, close the valve again. If this does not fix the radiator you will need to call in a plumber.

Why would antifreeze leak from the radiator?

There may be a hole in the radiator?

There is a hole in the plastic on the side of the radiator Can it be fixed?

Usually a radiator is made of metal. Plastic can not take the pressure. A hole can be fixed by welding. A radiator shop can tell you for sure.

Why isn't the antifreeze circulating through the radiator?

you have a hole somewhere or replaces your radiator

How can you fix a hole in a copper pipe?

you can repair by welding. using the right electrode you can fix the hole.

How can you fix a radiator crack the crack is at the top of the radiator on plastic it is not big in length nor width?

what should i use to fix a small crack on top of radiator. on a 1998 ford ranger what should i use to fix a small crack on top of radiator. on a 1998 ford ranger

How do you fix blocked radiator?

get billy to

Why does the radiator leak in the corner on a 6.4 ford?

because it has a hole. or your radiator drain is loose

How do you fix the ozone hole?

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How can you fix a pinhole size leak on front of a radiator?

You can buy one of several products from your local auto parts store that will stop a small leak in the front of the radiator... Now If you are mechanically inclined you can also mark where the hole is at and then drain and remove the radiator.. Once you do this you can clean the area around the pinhole and use a soldering gun and some 60/40 solder to permanantly seal the hole...

Is there a hole in the middle of dotted hole?


How do I fix a 2004 ford focus when it has a leaking radiator?

Replace radiator 1-800 radiator or

What would make hot water leak under car?

misplaced radiator cap - buy a new onecross threaded radiator cap - take off and put on properlyhole in radiator - drain the radiator of coolant, solder the hole closed, refill the radiator.worn-out water pump - buy and install a new or rebuilt one.hole in radiator hose - buy and install a new one.

Can a raw egg fix a hole in a 2006 ford explorer radiator?

MAYBE for a little while. Urban legend of car repair. A powdered repair like Silver Seal works better. It melts and then becomes solid and fills the hole when the steam leaks out. Better to fix the problem than breakdown and have to walk...

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