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Technically, in order to answer this question appropriately, more information would be needed. Are the wires damaged? Is the horn hooked up? Is there a battery in the truck? Are you sure you're not sitting in the passenger seat and pressing on the airbag?

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What would cause the horn domelight speedometer and windshield wipers to not work in a 98 ford ranger?

a dead battery

What would cause the Horn on a 2002 ford ranger to not work?

You need to check the fuse in the fuse panel or the horn relay in the power distribution box under the hood

Your 1991 ford ranger oil pressure gauge doesnt work what could be wrong?

Bad oil pressure sending unit?

Your horn in your 98 jetta doesnt work?

fix it.

Why doesnt the fuel gauge work on a 1993 ford ranger xlt?


Horn clicks but doesnt work Saturn sc1?

if its clicking then its the horn can get a horn from auto parts stores.

Why doesnt the fuel gauge on my 1989 Ford Ranger work?

Your sensing unit may be broken inside of your gas tank. If it is, you would need to purchase another tank.

Will 1994 Ford Ranger 3.0l fuel pump work in a 1992 Ford Ranger 4.0l?

Probably. As a mechanic, I would attempt it.

How come your lights work that are hocked to th alarm but horn doesnt?

The horn button contacts on the steering wheel are dirty.

Why horn on 93 Jeep Cherokee doesnt work?

There are a couples of reasons why a 1993 Jeep Cherokee's horn may not work. One reason is the horn relay fuse may need to be replaced.

Which years of 5 speed transmission will work in your 93 ford ranger with 3.0 v6 and 2wd?

it will work in the ford

What is the Firing order and location of 1 for 1993 ford ranger 3.0 6 cylinder?

Here is a link to Autozone. If this doesnt work just go to the web site. It shows you there.

Will the manual trans from a 4-cylinder Ford Ranger bolt up to the bell housing of a 6-cylinder Ford Ranger?

I am converting a ford ranger automatic (a4ld) transmission 4wd to a 5 speed manual from a 4 cylinder ford ranger. Will it work. What is needed?

How do you get horn to work in a Ford Escort?

Make sure it is grounded to the body. Check the fuse and horn relay.

Can a 1988 Ford ranger standard transmition work in a 1992 Ford explorer?

I believe they are swithable if the ranger had the 2.9 V-6. (same mounts)

What year engine will work in your 94 ford ranger 4.0?

Any four liter engine should work in your 1994 Ford Ranger cup truck. The Ford four liter engine may need the motor mounts to be changed.

Horn is on all the time on 1993 ford aerostar?

first check the horn relay, if that dosent work your horn switch is probably stuck try checking it!

What is wrong if your Ford Ranger turn signals and radio do not work?

Check your fuse!

What is the lug pattern m m measurement for a 5 lug 1984 Ford Ranger and will 5x5.5 fit it?

a 84 ford ranger is a 5 X 114.3mm. a 5X5.5 will not work

Where is the horn on the ford econoline vans?

Horn has constant 12vdc at horn terminal. Horn doesn't work. Checked steering wheel horn switch. Ohmed relay contact posistions/ok. Fuse is good also

Ford Fiesta 1997 clock doesnt work?

if the clock doesn't work then change the clock

Why will my 95 Ford Ranger low beams work but not the high beams?

If it's the same as the 1996 Ford Ranger , fuse # 33 is a 15 amp fuse for the High beam lamps

Where is the ford ranger xlt 6cyl 3.0l temp sending unit located?

where is the temp. sending unit located on a 1999 ford ranger xlt 6cyl 3.0l .Gauge does not work.

How do i stop a Ford Ranger Bed from squeaking?

Try tightening the bed bolts and if that doesnt work drive very fast and ramp into the nearest river, lake, or even pond. Swim the land and walk home.

Why would a 1996 Ford Ranger shift hard but shift when it is supposed to?

AnswerIt could be dirty fluid or a dirty filter in the transmission. That would be the best place to start if that doesnt work I would take to a transmission shop and have the bands adjusted.the 1996 ford ranger has a shift solenoid located on the transmission. This shows up when a diagnostic is run at your local advance store.