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How do you fix a leaking washing machine?


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silicone caulkI fixed mine with some silicone caulk like you would use for bathroom repairs- worked fine after that

ANS 2 -Depends where the leak is ! -You don't say. If the leak is from the door as many are, then you need a new door seal. -If from somewhere underneath, you need to pinpoint it and repair that exact part. Often the drain hose right at pump fractures, or it may be the pump itself. -You must narrow down the location !


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No. You can say that you will look into something, or that you will get someone to look into something, but you cannot say 'get look'. These are all correct: 'I will look into your problem with the leaking washing machine tomorrow.' 'I will get a plumber to look into your problem with the leaking washing machine tomorrow.' 'I will get your problem with the leaking washing machine looked into tomorrow.'

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It could be that your transmission housing is leaking. You will probably find oil underneath the machine as well.

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If a wire comes loose or breaks, yeah, you might be able to fix it. The most common failure is in the drive transmission. It is a shop job with a few special tools to replace them, and the cost is fairly close to the cost of a new washing machine.

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Call an appliance repair person or consult the manual. You don't say what you're trying to fix anyway.

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Well in the first place it depends what is wrong with it - YOU haven't told us that. - A washing machine is a very complicated machine and can have many problems -not even many handymen fully understand them. In your case, I would recommend calling an appliance technician.

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