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The switch is probably broken.

probably needs a bulb

answerRemove the steering wheel ( u will need a puller ) disconnect ur battery, under the dashnremove the plug for the multi-function switch, u will see the broken plastic pawl that supposed to hold the directional arm down or up. replace the multifunction switch for around 90.00 U.S.
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Q: How do you fix a left blinker that only works if you hold it down?
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When your left blinker is blinking does it mean that your right bulb is dying out?

No it means you have your left blinker on. The right bulbs have nothing to do with the left blinker. An incandescent bulb either works or it doesn't. There is no dying out.

How do you change the directional light on a 2001 cavalier?

If your "left blinker" is on, to change it, "push up" the blinker arm that is on your steering wheel. If your right blinker is on, push the arm down to change it to the right blinker. This works on All Cavaliers and most other cars made in the U.S.

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1993 Mercedes 190E the left blinker on the panel in dash does not light up but does work outside but the right blinker works fine what to do?

Sounds like the light bulb is either loose or burned out in the dash. Replace it.

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Why would the left blinker not work even though it works when the flasher is on?

The bulb is bad. Turn signals and flashers use different bulbs.

What fuse number is for the left driver side blinker?

looking for the fuse number for a 2006 4cylinder honda accord left blinker signal

2001 jeep grand Cherokee The left turn signal works sometime s and not other times When it works the blinker light works and the green arrow light on the dash works when it doesn't work no light on da?

on the dash board

How do you turn on the high beam on a Saab 95?

How do you turn on the high beams. I see it is in the left blinker place but it wont stay on I have to hold it

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Your left blinker won't go off?

Broken switcher.

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