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My dad had the same problem. Check the fuses, especially if you have a remote.

Usually it is the switch, if there is a switch on other doors use those to see it the locks work until eventually you find the one that does not work.

i approve of these answers, very well said

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Q: How do you fix a lock on your car if it will lock and unlock manually but not when you use the lock or unlock button?
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How to reset Citroen C3 key?

To reset Citroen C3 immobilizer if the car won't lock or unlock: Unlock driver door manually, get in vehicle and close all doors. Put key in ignition and switch to on position. Hold down the lock button for 10 seconds. Switch ignition off and wait 30 seconds. get out of car and lock.

Viper alarm LED stays on when I turn the car off and remote unlock and lock works but does not make the alarm chirp when I lock it or unlock it?

Your alarm system is in valet mode. To fix this problem: Unlock the car, and open the door. With the door open, and the car unlocked, press: LOCK/UNLOCK button ONCE, press the AUX button ONCE, and then press the LOCK/UNLOCK button ONCE more. When you press this key combination, the vehicle security system should begin functioning correctly again.

How do you open the trunk on a Volvo s40?

unlock all of the doors, either on your key or from inside the car by pressing the unlock button manually. you have to press it twice to unlock all of the doors.

Why when you start the car the doors automatically lock and when you stop you have to manually unlock them in order to get out of the car Toyota Camry LE 2002?

It is just a safety feathure that Toyota has.

What is the button you used to unlock a car called?

unlock button!

Why you can not lock your car Honda Accord with the remote car key?

You can if the key has a door lock/unlock button. I lock mine all the time with the remote. If you have the button on the key and it is not working then maybe the battery in the remote is dead? Open it up and replace the battery.

How do you program a switchblade remote on a 2000 VW Beetle?

Insert main key into the ignition lock & switch on the ignition (do not start car). Using second key lock the vehicle from the outside manually (use key in door lock). Hold door locked for 15 seconds. Release key. Press unlock button on the remote control one time, wait at least two seconds or more. Press unlock button on the remote control again, wait at least two seconds or more. Manually open car using key in door lock. Remove key from ignition. Test your remote.

Why will your Kia optims power door lock button unlock when you lock them?

Remove the key from the ignition before locking. It is to prevent the keys from being locked in the car.

I can't locate the fuel button or switch to pop open my gas tank door for my 1989 Mercedes 300 SE?

there is no button or switch. there is a gas door lock that is incorporated into the central locking unit on your car. it locks when you lock the car and unlocks when you unlock the car.

How can you get into your locked 2007 Nissan Altima?

Press the unlock button on the key. It's impossible for you to lock your keys in this car because it will automatically unlock if you lock it with the keys inside. If you managed to lock the keys in there, congratulations you have defeated an idiot proof system.

Can you use a spare key to unlock car if the alarm is on?

If the key will fit the lock then you can unlock it without worrying about the alarm. The alarm will be disarmed as soon as the door is unlocked if it's remotely with a button or turning a key in the lock.

Where is the gas button 96 jetta?

Just unlock the doors of the car, and the gas cover will also get unlocked, manually open it pushing the right side.

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